Fellow artists, do you also sell work on Etsy? Did you know they can now without your permission automatically take a 15% cut of any sale you make claiming “advertising fees”? 🤑 You may be eligible to opt out even tho no one consented to opt in. Google “Etsy offsite ads” to learn more to protect yourself. I didn’t know until it happened to me today. These are screenshots from my experience.

@pjsuperior about half my sales have been subject to this 🙃 can’t figure out how to make it stop

@junebug I was able to opt out in my settings after some sleuthing on the issue. I hope you’re able to do the same!!

@pjsuperior ugh, it's like they're a bank! I was considering setting up on there but I got too intimidated by all the fees.

@lepetitmort333 it’s especially awful because it still remains the ONLY viable selling platform for many such as myself with its per listing fees rather than hard flat monthly rates like every other option I know of. Most can’t afford to sell anywhere else other than Etsy and now even that’s becoming less possible. 😓

@xenophora the detail of the implementation of this policy in May 2020 is evil indeed! Just when more people needed to depend on online business. 😤

@pjsuperior Right up until the last screenshot I was thinking "this isn't too terrible". But that last one was really outrageous.

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