Sincerity is still seen as not only uncool but uncouth, yet it’s obvious sarcasm is “over” as we are undeniably moving to a post-satirical society since reality has become as absurd as ever with the exponentiality of time. The horrors of capitalist civilization has made satire in any form on any topic increasingly near-indistinguishable from sincerity and yet it is sincerity which is still largely culturally demonized much more harshly, consistently, regardless of context/content.

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I reckon I wonder if we are moving to post-satirism while sincerity is yet definitely still discouraged at that end, what then awaits us instead?

@pjsuperior I've been fortunate enough to have surrounded myself with people who value sincerity. People's natural attraction to Bernie I think is one example of a sincere person being appreciated. Though his maligning by the mainstream might prove your point, everyone I know appreciates sincerity.

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