Each I create is unique- for example, both of these people are Libras born into the year of the Snake! Zodiacs inspired from Celtic and Mayan traditions are also incorporated in the divination process from which emerges each custom vision initiated with only a birth date. 💫 Drawn on 11x17 inch paper ✏️

THAT being said: CW: kink

“ROPE” prompt from last year’s Kinktober challenge. The depiction of self suspension is very esoteric to me. I don’t know what to do with all the illustrations I have from the Kinktober art challenge and that in itself is a self-suspended feeling. Maybe stickers? Who would even buy them? Everyone loves this shit but not enough to let anyone else not on the internet know even at only $3 a pop. And I gotta spend $40 for anyone to maybe give me $3 too.

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These big ass Abstract Anatomy woodcut prints are 2x3 feet.
Unpacking from moving gave me an opportunity to capture the original wood itself with one of the prints. The single framed one I have for myself is one of the last pieces of art yet to be hung in our new place. 🔨 It’s heavy! I still got some in either black or red ink for you at PJsuperior.Etsy.com 🖤

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This crossover speaks very personally to me, what with being a Southerner with weebish tendencies n all. 🙈

Original art by Kitt St Joans

I typically like to look quite femme and I think that’s why most folks are surprised to find how rugged I actually am in person, especially with my hands- I am very skilled with tools from basic hammers and wrenches to high powered jig saws and drill routers. A real Gemini like that. 👯‍♀️

Dressed-down photo of me from 7 years ago when/where I used such tools regularly for working with The Church of Type, formerly YeeHaw Industries of Knoxville, which no longer exists.

Preview of my “WRATH” illustration in my new 7 Self Care Sins zine inspired by the 7 Deadly Sins as Queer self care. 🌈 Each illustration has a color scheme of a different Pride flag and an alchemized message from its “sin”. Wrath tells us, “Channel your anger with passionate care and community support.” ✨ A pay-what-you-want option helps fund Trans healthcare when you order yours at PJsuperior.Etsy.com 💖 @womensart

Vulnerability may feel audacious/shameful in an almost indulgent/guilty way but the core of us knows it is a courageous strength, driving us to cyclically shed further seed-casings and withered petals in order to reveal our shoots and blooms. I must be patient with my seasons- a patience which doesn’t measure the days of when “spring” “should” “officially” arrive, but rides the weather. A patience beyond hoping, where an essence of faith germinates. The alchemy of hopelessness. Beauty in winter.

Almost thought our new place was haunted by a poltergeist. 👻 Turns out it’s only being haunted by my sneaky ass cat. 🙀 I was wondering how this whole stack of hats was moving on its own- turns out Kiddo was trying to wear them all at once like the Caps For Sale dude. I can never seem to capture her “paranormal” activity on camera.

I also have some Tarot coloring books to send too! 🔮💌 The line work illustrations inside go over the elemental energy of the four suits as well as the planetary correspondence with each number, helping you divine the Minor Arcana portion of the Tarot with greater confidence. 🪐 💕

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I have sold 3 of my new zines which raises $25 to start for helping fund Trans healthcare! 🌈 So my Saturday goals for tomorrow are going to the post office 💌 and finally hanging some of these old paintings in our new place. 🔨 7 Self Care Sins zine available at PJsuperior.Etsy.com

Got the 1st edition of my 7 Self Care Sins zine available just in time for my goal which was by Valentine’s Day! 💖 My latest zine features 7 full color illustrations of the 7 Deadly Sins as self care. With messages of self-knowledge/love/respect, I gave into some self portraiture with “Lust” throwing back to blue hair days with a Pan Pride flag color scheme. Each illustration’s color is based on a different Pride flag. I hope to do a self portrait with the Intersex flag sometime this year too. 🌈

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The first edition of my 7 Self Care Sins zine is now available! Featuring 7 full color illustrations inspired by the 7 Deadly Sins as Queer self care, each illustration’s color scheme is inspired by a different Pride flag. A pay-what-you-want option helps fund Trans healthcare for my friends who could use some extra support. Available at PJsuperior.Etsy.com 🌈💖

Preview of this month’s coloring page for my Sugar Guardians featuring a line work rendition of my “Greed” illustration in my upcoming 7 Self Care Sins zine 💖

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The line work from my “Greed” illustration for my upcoming 7 Self Care Sins zine is now available as a coloring page for my Sugar Guardians on Patreon. With the lessons “know your worth” and “get paid” this illustration celebrates sex work as the work it is. The zine is now available to preorder at pjsuperior.Etsy.com with a pay-what-you-want option to help fund Trans healthcare. I hope to get the first edition of the zine printed by the end of this week, in time for Valentine’s Day.

I have a new Zine I hope to get printed ASAP to be available for Valentine’s Day! It’s about Queer self care inspired by the 7 Deadly Sins. More previews will be revealed soon and I have it available to preorder in my store. Proceeds over $15 privately fund my Trans friends’ healthcare like the beauty depicted in my Pride illustration 💖 $15 covers the cost of the Zine itself and if you choose to pay more the rest is a donation to help fund Trans healthcare! 🌈

Making it to our destination last night, we got our cats settled in our new apartment today even tho our furniture etc. won’t arrive for a few more days. 📦 Heading back to our hotel, the rain let up and I said, “I hope we see a rainbow now,” while driving up a lil hill and a few seconds later when descending the hill, a big rainbow appeared! 🌈 Rainbows and cats remind me of this I created of my Aquarian Tiger Bridge friend for her birthday a few years back in LA. 💖

I miss working New Profanity parties! The featured artist would have us dress up to match their art for each party. New Profanity features items made only by independent artists including queer feminists and women of color and is available online only til we can all get vaxxed 💉💖 newprofanity.com ✨ This photo was taken of me on break at the reception for Jenn Stern 4 years ago.

I haven’t been able to get a new coloring page done for my Sugar Guardians this month yet since I’ve been preparing to move at the end of the month- while sick too. But all previous monthly coloring pages remain available to all top Patreon supporters at all times regardless of when subscribed. That means you can sign up for one month only and still be able to download all coloring pages posted! I look forward to continuing with them throughout the year. Last November’s page is my fave so far.

Organizing art supplies while packing, I found this large bottle of India ink in a box with a bunch of other things with this big gash/crack in the plastic. I carefully moved it to the sink before it spilled, a little dripping through as I sat it into the drain. To my surprise, not a drop seemed to have split into the box or onto anything else in it tho! I transferred the ink to a hydrogen peroxide bottle at just the right angle to not spill another drop. Feels like a metaphor for life rn!

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