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Surviving intense ongoing abuse and cultivating the will to continue existing in the world is not indicative of some Lite version of traumatic experience but is rather a testament to the incredible strength of The Human Spirit including your very own!!!

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And speaking of “extreme and constant trauma”: 

One of my favorite things ever (sarcasm) is when people assume that because I’m pretty (which is work) or have cultivated my talents (work) or just managed to even not have died yet (more consistent work) that whatever my trauma consists of “can’t be THAT horrible”. Bitch, “normal” people can’t handle a mere mention of what I’ve survived without even going into the disgusting detail you demand to deem me “worthy” of having trauma. Fuck. That. Ya’ll.

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Let it be known by “scraped together and bust my ass” I mean I had three jobs in addition to my apprenticeship to make ends meet while volunteering heavily and living with a litany of chronic illnesses. I will toot my horn for being able to balance all that altho no one should have to work that fucking hard for anything IMO tbh. I have no idea how I did that but my therapist says it’s being used to extreme and constant trauma that makes me succeed under pressure. 🥳😣 Of course.

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Before the pandemic I was just starting a new tattoo practice almost 8 months out of my apprenticeship. It’s now been longer than that since I’ve tattooed. 😓 It sucks to have made this huge investment I scraped together and busted my ass for years over “for nothing” and maybe it won’t be “in the end” (whatever that is) but for now I’m still heartbroken. Here are some of my floral pieces I got to do in my brief experience. 🌼💘

With this restart and it still being the first week of the year, I figured I’d take the opportunity to reshare my Top 9 of 2020 from Instagram to put out a quick comprehensive glance at my work and myself. 👁 Featured are some selfies, Maria of course, and a few Kinktober entries. Marked sensitive for sexiness. 💋

Still very touched by this art by @tyinneart inspired by my original introduction toot on my first profile on that instance. 💘✨ Hoping to help continue circulating the inspiravibes round here. 💞

My initial foray into digital oil for Kinktober a few months back. Prompts are: “spread em” and “hard”. I shared my exploratory process on my Patreon. Quite different from my usual work, I never thought I’d get into this medium (for various reasons) but here we are! Marked sensitive for nudity.

Hi y’all I’m Miss PJ- I just moved instances from altho I ain’t too informed on the drama there. I know something about CSA is thrown about and as a survivor myself, I’m just gonna walk my dog over here instead of getting it put on that proverbial racetrack. Rather new to Mastodon, I’m a lil sad to lose toots & interactions but I can appreciate fresh starts too which I’m happy to bring my followers to. 🌹

Switching instances was not at all as comprehensive as I had been led to believe but I did it. 😔 Here’s another initial toot I reckon.

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