Anyone wanna help me do a birthday boost for my friend Sunny?

Feb 10th! They’re a Black Trans Enby, also Autistic and Epileptic, do so much mutual aid and housing reparations organizing for other Black Trans people

They’re struggling with housing and transphobic workplace. They need a new job.

Any funds are helpful for them right now also give them their flowers!! Venmo @salmations
Ig @sunnyWolfMarks

If anyone wants to help boost this info or tag mutual aid groups, pls do

I’m linking Deja, a beautiful Black Trans woman’s, surgery fund—it’s her bday tomorrow!! Team Aquarius. Help make this full moon a good one for her ​:232327:

GoFundMe for formerly incarcerated comrade (please boost) 

Larry (Butter) Smith was sent to prison in 1994 at the age of 18 and served 27 years of a natural life sentence for a crime he did not commit.

After 26 years of being denied an opportunity to make a life, Larry has nothing. He needs help with housing, transportation, clothing, food, eye wear, phone, medical needs denied to him in prison, and resources to continue fighting for truth and justice.

Wholesome polyamory meme since I’m rarely on here and don’t really know what I’m doing?

Fake blood, gore 

Made another pair of guillotine earrings and tried a more realistic coloring this time. I really like how they turned out!

Making these guillotine earrings for myself and my girlfriend. Remember if you’re working with resin or other chemicals when crafting to wear proper PPE and work in well ventilated areas 🖤

I don't think people realize why its important to remove white supremacists from your board/forum/web community.

- They are extremely motivated.
- They have a tradition of recruiting via meme(in the classic sense).
- They have centuries of effective propaganda.
- They will take over. Slowly at first then suddenly.
- They will always create more moderation work for you. They will never stop pushing.

Every society struggles with this. And it's not some conspiracy.

My new tattoo is the bees knees! Freehanded and hand poked by me! Also I’m very stressed so like, if y’all wanted to share memes that’d be cool.

Saying we shouldn't deplatform facists, is something we are not going to entertain.

Deplatform them, find where they hide, then deplatform them again.

Keep them on the run, and keep them from talking.

That is all...

If your new to this, don't come up with antiquated takes, that do more harm than they will ever do good. I suggest you find a local organizations to get better clarity of what to do, from seasoned leftists.

Stop harassing people who crowdfund.

Your obsession with capitalism and individualism rotted your brain and capacity for empathy.

Asking for money is not and never will be shameful.

Policing how people survive and try to enjoy being alive in this rapidly deteriorating dumpster planet is shameful.

*buys resin and silicone mix for mold making and resin casting just so I can make EVERYTHING trans*

Getting a Twin Peaks reference while watching The History of Swear Words (the Damn episode) has given me serotonin.

I thought I was ordering a cotton candy and strawberry milkshake but I was wrong it was a float and honestly...root beer tastes really good with both flavors. Happy accidents, right?

So I guess I should do an since I’m new to this platform and don’t really know what I’m doing. But hi, I’m Tybalt. I’m a 28 year old mixed Romani queer trans man (pronouns are he/him) LHP Satanic Witch, anarchist, ethical nonmonogamist, SW, and resin artist. I’m passionate about improvements to my community and the uplifting of marginalized voices and am just. Really damn tired of the blatantly bigoted censorship from other platforms. Also my gf is on here and I like her posts.

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