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Incidentally, I'm a very left leaning grumpy trans woman who makes videos for , I also work in an ER in what we optimistically call the US healthcare system in my other job.

Although I don't think some of those words think what people think they mean.

TERFs can fuck off.

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To the random "gender critical" leaning person who needs to read this 

Hey, I know, that's a bit random. Also very unlikely to reach you. I'm one of them "deluded trans-identified males" they tell you to worry about. Right now some of my relatives are in the same position as you and I want to tell you what I can't tell them, what your friend, child, sibling, whatever, isn't capable of telling you. I wanna talk to you about you.

uspol, bad journalism, fascism 

They use the same kind of “experts” when writing about any controversial topic. #fascism #badjournalism

How the New York Times Uses “Experts”

Today has been filled with frustration and irritation. Possibly because I got not a lot of sleep, but also possibly because it's an arsehole of a day.

Uk pol 

Just seen Rees Mogg referred to as “that haunted coat hanger” and it’s so goddam accurate

Chicken update: they still hate the new feeder and refuse to go near it.

Oh ffs. So I *meant* to image the card before I wiped it - but instead twit-fingers here imaged the SDCard reader. Oops.

Now I can't get back to having a wifi connection. I have WPA Supplicant apparently working, but I get no wifi connection nor any networks.

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yeah... okay. If I start Motion as a daemon in the background... then it's corrupt in various degrees. If I start it up by hand it's fine.

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Okay, now I think it's just trying to wind me up. Not *every* time, but sometimes it's coming up like this.

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Okay, I swear this device is running chaotic neutral. It seems to be working now...

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...alright, now I have motion allegedly running, but it's not letting me connect to it. Odd.

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It's pleasing to me that this little computer that I picked up to be a media player in 2014 is still able to perform a useful service. Well, theoretically. When I've finished setting it up.

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And now it just seems to be working. Don'tcha just love it when computers do that.

This, incidentally, was the answer I needed:

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Okay. Well that's unhelpful. I fixed it - at least, I thought - rebooted it and it broke again. I mean, it's less broken. Now if I unplug and replug the wifi dongle it works.

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Okay, I actively want to swear at this now. It detects the WiFi dongle, loads the driver, goes yes, everything is there...

Then proceeds to ignore it.

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The amount of effort to build a camera to point at the chickens and check they're in the coop at night is...silly.

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...okay, let's try reinstalling the SD card and preconfiguring the WiFi.

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Oh....I remember this from the first time I had my Pi B. It hates wifi. I wish I could remember how to fix it.

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I'm having a properly granola geek trans lesbian day today.

CO-OP shopping this morning, followed by making my own mayo, followed by a hemp latte made at home while listening to vinyl, and now I'm going to go play with an ancient Raspberry Pi to make a camera to monitor our chickens.

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