Commissions (art, sewing, knitting) 1/2 

I think I've casually mentioned commissions being open (for visual art) but I figured I should actually pin up some details!
Currently (and see replies in case this has changed), my commissions are open for art, sewing, and knitting, and here are some restrictions and pricing:

Visual art:
Digital, pencil, or acrylic (open to other media)
Price depends on complexity, could be anywhere from $5-100

I may decline super complicated patterns

Commissions (art, sewing, knitting) 2/2 

I may veto fabrics for moral, price, or sensory reasons
Price will be cost of materials, cost of pattern, and $15/hr for the time I estimate it will take me (I'll guess low)
Cost of pattern is $0 for super simple or provided patterns, the price I paid for purchased patterns, or $15/hr for my patternmaking labor

I may decline projects and veto yarn
Price will be cost of materials and $15/estimated hr

Commissions followup 

Yarn I will likely veto: cotton, all of my known cotton yarns have been a sensory trigger for me. I may be willing to feel the yarn before making my decision. If I decide on any specific exceptions, I'll leave them in the comments
Fabrics I'm likely to veto: leather (don't have the machinery), pleather (moral concerns), super cheap new fabric (moral concerns), anything I look at and decide will break my regular sewing machine or denim heavy needles
Pattern vetos will be rare.

Commissions followup 

Oh and if you send me all the materials I need to make the thing, the material cost will be 0
E.g. my brother in law asking me to make his dog a denim jacket and then giving me his old jeans that aren't wearable anymore (although if an item requires me to buy buttons, thread, etc, that will still be included in the commission price)

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