can people please CW huge strings of caps? it sounds like gibberish on screen readers, and it looks like loud gibberish that is yelling at me incomprehensively to my dyslexic and traumatized ass

for the record "it sounds like gibberish on screen readers" applies to alt text too! even if the caps make sense in an image, screen readers often parse words in all caps as acronyms so they will read it letter by letter! so please, do not put your alt text as a paragraph of all caps!

@raphaelmorgan ...the hell, screen readers?

I'm baffled they don't have some kind of heuristics there.

@IceWolf I mean, it makes sense to me
caps are often used to represent acronyms, that's the only usage where it doesn't make more sense to do something else
screen readers shouldn't need advanced AI to figure out what's words if we can just easily accommodate the unintelligent ones

@raphaelmorgan Oh I wasn't thinking AI or anything, more just something like "is this in a string of all-caps words". Simple stuff.

@IceWolf still, advocating for more complicated screen readers rather than simply not putting things in all caps (something that helps more than just screen reader users, as I mentioned in OP) is like advocating for fancy wheelchairs that go up stairs rather than just building a ramp
except it actually costs money and time to build a ramp

@raphaelmorgan That makes sense!

...oh, I think I was thinking about a different situation than most caps uses. Most times people're just being shouty, and yeah, definitely CW that at the /very/ least (it's bad for us too!). But since this was alt text, I was assuming caps being used to translate a sign that's in all caps, or something of the sort. Like all capsing "speed limit 55".

Ideally people'd avoid all caps where it doesn't make sense (like just being shouty), /and/ screenreaders'd be smarter too.

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