Just putting this out there (this is a general thing, not a subtoot)
But if you're the type who can't react calmly to a marginalized person pointing out something bigoted or ignorant you said,
Do not come anywhere near my page. Thank you. I don't care to deal with reactionary defensiveness, and I don't care to expose other marginalized people to it.
This includes but is not limited to:
- "not all men"
- performative white guilt
- speaking over disabled people about ableism
fuck off with it!

@raphaelmorgan Honestly, it depends on how you tell me. If you're hostile & aggressive when what I've said or done wasn't, despite my ignorance, I'm unlikely to take you seriously. If you're just matter-of-fact about it, I'm willing to listen. If you explain to me why something is bad in a way I understand it, I'll not only accept but spread that information.

For example, the word spooky is used around Halloween, but I didn't know dropping the y & using it as a noun was racist. >>

@raphaelmorgan I had never before heard the word used in an insulting manner. I'd only ever heard of it relating to ghosts, goblins, & other spooky creatures.

Since I've been kindly educated on it, I've stopped using the word. I've adapted.

But, I'm quite sensitive, likely because of trauma & autism, so if I feel like I'm being attacked for not knowing something, I'm highly unlikely to even hear the message, let alone understand it. Delivery matters with me. >>

@raphaelmorgan All that said, I do my best to learn & grow as a person as much as possible, but given how many times I've been misled by angry people trying to "teach" me something that turned out to be very wrong, I've become quite wary of aggressive re-education. Kindness, or at the very least, simple matter-of-fact language is a significantly more effective way for me to learn.

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