pretty little liars livetoots (mh-) 

went back and started watching the original pretty little liars bc I'm spiraling and not in the mood for star trek
anyway, this girl was talking to her sister's fiance and when her sister came home and asked him who he was talking to he said "no one" which is infinitely more suspicious than "your sister" ???

pretty little liars livetoots 

if my fiancee and i lived with my family and I came home and heard them talking to my sister, I'd be like "that makes sense, they live together"
if I came home and heard them talking to my sister and they said they weren't, I'd wonder what the fuck they were talking about tbh


pretty little liars livetoots, sa 

don't love how normal they're making it seem for this chick to be trying to coerce her boyfriend into sex
prolly just bc she's a cis woman

pretty little liars livetoots 

"I didn't kiss X, X kissed me!" doesn't rlly work for a full on makeout session???

pretty little liars livetoots 

one thing about the new version is that it's one of those things where the characters are teenagers but it's *so* obviously written by adults who like, weren't teenagers recently at all
like, a) I understood every word they used so not at all like teenagers today
and b) this guy called a girl a feminazi for using the word cis? like, even the type of guy who'd insult someone for using the word cis, if he's a fucken high schooler he's not gonna call her a feminazi lol

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