Big bang theory spoilers (show, not science) 

Besides the million other major problems with the show, I've always hated the end of the Big Bang Theory
Like, if exactly one of the four guys ends the show not married it should be Sheldon or Howard. Sheldon because he's a romance (and sex) repulsed aroace, Howard because he doesn't deserve love

Big bang theory (show, not science) 

Yes ik Sheldon was a misogynistic (etc) asshole as well but we can't deny that Howard was the most "shouldn't be allowed within a mile of a woman" of the bunch

re: Big bang theory spoilers (show, not science) 

@raphaelmorgan I agree
I didn't even see the end but I know how it ends
I just decided I hate the show because of how Sheldon is portrayed and the writers use him not actually having an autism diagnosis as an excuse to mock him for being autistic
plus it is just loaded with fatphobic and transphobic jokes I feel like
and I think it's racist to portray Raj as oversensitive about racism

re: Big bang theory spoilers (show, not science) 

@AlienSkyler oh the whole show is racist, portraying Raj as oversensitive or whatever wasn't even on my list of racist things abt the show
but yeah they definitely tokenize him and use his race and culture as comedic relief :/
and I think that the fact that he was the only guy who ended the show without a wife was related to his race, at least subconsciously

re: Big bang theory spoilers (show, not science) 

@raphaelmorgan not to mention all the jokes implying he is gay even though he actually is not

re: Big bang theory spoilers (show, not science) 

@raphaelmorgan now I want big bang theory spoilers for science and not the show.

re: Big bang theory spoilers (science, not show) 

@Resonant @raphaelmorgan I believe there was a bunch of quark-gluon plasma involved
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