I think I'll be able to produce an EP soon but now the problem is finding somewhere that doesn't look like shit but would be legal for me to go to to take pictures in the nude lol

this is what I expected when I opened the suggestion, this is what they should have fixed it to

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I am more excited abt this one tho bc it's a lot easier to show that what I thought at the time was False and I feel different now
like I can have this huge dissonance between the lyrics and the visuals and it still makes sense

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when I wear a push up bra and a low cut shirt to class and no one looks at me any different
when I wear a push up bra and a low cut shirt to class and no one looks at me any different

My fiance driving, talking to someone with their brights on: could you turn the lights off
Me, who's used to them asking me "could you skip this song?" Or "could you pull up directions to X":

hate that reddit has these but nothing for when a post could be triggering to some readers

That's just Hannibal but straight
What's the point in straight Hannibal

this says so much more about my relationship with my family than it says about me

job search 

this is for a *busser*
not even a fucking server, a busser, whose job is to take dishes off the fucking table

subtoot (no one following me) 

just had someone ask me for a purely tactical reason to give a group of people rights
how do I explain that there's no tactical reason but there doesn't need to be?

what I actually boosted on my alt vs what my home TL said I boosted (cw for "pedo shit" in the first one, screenshot of words)

fediblock (cw transphobia, caps in pic) 

I've been seeing him reply-guying on a lot of trans people's posts with stuff that seemed weird but benign but he went mask off here

When articles phrase their headlines in a way that sounds conservative or capitalist but the actual article goes the other way, do you think they're like, trying to trick conservatives into learning?
E.g. this article from the Atlantic sounds bullshit but was basically saying the way to heal from or prevent burnout is to simply do the bare minimum at your job lol

my fiance taste-testing my supposedly gluten free pizza when the crust is suspiciously plump

lighthearted sanism 

my fiance sent me this 😠

ukpol adjacent, sa ment, ec in meme 

when someone in the Discord server is sadposting about the queen's death and your rapist + ur fiance's ex who didn't believe you and then tried to manipulate them into gaslighting you for her about it are both clowning on her for it

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