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a lot of these right wing weaklings talk about covid vax side effects (losers), but as someone who's been vaxxed and boosted, i've never felt more powerful and angry

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appeal to nature and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

transmisogyny, misgendering 

@dysfun @aster I mean, they did
they see transfems as failed men, the worst possible versions of men
still "biologically superior" to cis women but morally inferior to everyone else
(and transmascs they also see as somewhere between, they see us as failed women who cheated to become "biologically superior" but aren't quite)


@dysfun @aster no because their entire worldview is just misogyny and they see trans women as predatory men
they see them as superior, just evil


@aster I mean they are right that autistic fems tend to be smart and sexy
that's what they're saying right? /s

my guilty pleasure is when someone says "[insert objectively terrible thing to do] is [bigoted, bad, etc]" and some guy goes "how dare you say all [privileged group] are [bigoted, bad, etc]" like brooo lmao yes get your ass

I will admit, one thing I miss about centralized social media is people ratioing corporations

@aster no pressure lol
I'm just down to listen, not demanding anything (well I was, but jokingly)

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I think the Internet has only made the ability to censor radical ideas even harder, to be honest, for better or for worse unfortunately (worse being MAGA).

But radical socialists and communists, critics of the government, critics of those in power, criticism of the fundamental institutions of oppression, that is something the Internet has truly enabled, something that never truly existed before except on the fringe because the means of distribution simply did not exist.

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abuse ment 

@Elizafox if it weren't for the Internet, I would be probably a girl and probably being abused still
And I might not have disability accommodations at school (although at least I wouldn't have had to do online classes lol)

@aster wait where's the 3d printing infodump I was promised

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wait no come back im not done infodumping, i haven't even told you about the intricacies of bed adhesion
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“Whenever I hear of someone cutting ties permanently, I ask myself how bad would things have to get for me to never want to speak to someone again, and I generally try to assume that whatever happened to them was at least that bad”

[Link CW: toxic family, illness, death]


I hate that I Really Wish I Hated You is one of the songs my brain decided to play on repeat
bc he's saying "I wish I hated you because you hate me for the terrible shit I did to you and it hurts"
but I'm saying "I wish I hated you for the terrible shit you did to me, instead of worrying if you're okay when I'm very much fucking not"

@Elizafox but yeah I get the feeling like you don't quite belong in either community
like, going "yeah I'm mostly aro and mostly ace but I have a romantic partner that I have sex with and plan to marry" really does confuse both aces/aros and allos

@Elizafox but at least there are other people who are somewhere in between (e.g. me) and will understand ❤️

just saw a Quora question asking if blind people can feel light as heat and I'm wondering if they're asking if blind ppl are extra sensitive to feeling light as heat or if they think the inability to see with one's eyes also impacts their ability to feel warmth on their skin lol

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