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Without capitalism we would never have to worry whether someone likes us or is just trying to sell us something.

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rant about well-meaning "I don't see race" types 

literally some of the most insufferable people I've known have been the types to say they don't see race or class differences or disability whatever. I want you to look! I want you to look *hard* at it, at yourself, and the system you live in that gives you the privilege to say something like that.

I want you to look at the way you act around me versus the way you act around your straight or white friends, and challenge your belief that you don't treat me any different. I want you to look, reflect, and change for the better instead of be blind to the world

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What they think we do on Mastodon: scheming and planning to take over your kid's gender while sacrificing the economy for satanic vaccine parties

What we actually do on Mastodon: Try to craft puns for serotonin, post pictures of cats and announce when we block terrible instances.

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If you can never remember if you've already sent a follow request to someone, I have a tip for you.

When I send a follow request, I now write it on their profile since you can leave a note there!

Perhaps that's obvious, but I still share it in case than can help, especially if you have ADHD, are autistic and / or deal with memory problems!


like, my sister is abt to have a baby and I'm out here making baby clothes and planning recipes for oatmeal baby food to make up for the fact that storebought baby oatmeal puts wheat in it for some reason
(and ofc I'll point out that if she doesn't want to give him the food she doesn't have to, she can eat it herself or I'll eat it idgaf baby food is yummy)

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Asking for donations for two disabled folks - food, meds, power bills. Please boost 

Hi everyone!

Sorry to ask that but in 2019, we used to spend 250€ a month for food including our EDs. With inflation, we now spend twice this amount.

We live only on my disability benefits (920€) and it gets impossible to survive.

We also need 150€ for our power bill and money for my meds which are not refunded and really important for my health.

Thanks for any boost or donation! 💙

I really wasn't built to live in a society with nuclear families lol
Terrible with monogamy, and every child in my social circles I'm like "I'm supposed to take care of this, yes?"

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Cocaine? No thanks, I just dissociate, just how God intended us to deal with our problems.

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i hate how some people really like to defend the new minecraft reporting feature that centralizes control over decentralized servers into the hands of a corporation using the excuse of "oh i see you just want to say slurs"

no actually just dont want to get banned from all multiplayer servers forever because its incredibly easy to set up a conversation like

A(1): whats your opinion on trans people
B(2): extremely cool imo
A(3): what do you think about tall burgers
B(4): they must be destroyed

then exclude message 2 and 3 from the report and hit "send"

Ph-, pain, menstruation 

Like my period cramps are 10x worse than this but up until a year or two ago I didn't even know I had period cramps because I was simply in that much pain all month long!

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Med (~) 

Based on the fact that my dentist prescribed me codeine for the aftermath of getting a tooth pulled, I can only conclude that most abled cis men wouldn't last a day in my body

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Add rojogatoDOTcom and poaDOTst to your block list.

Both traffic in some pretty standard racism and homophobia. And are just... boring.

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Fellas, is it gay to be online?? The internet is FULL of cute boys

death of a parent, idk how to warn but my hs principal was weird abt it 

unrelated to X
when my dad died, my principal called me and my mom in to his office to offer his condolences and straight up offered to *be* my dad??? not father figure, he said *dad*
so when a scene starts with this girl whose mom just died in the principal's office, my brain went "ah, yes, time for him to offer to be her mom"

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mutual: if you aren't triggered by X, you should totally watch Y!
me, who's definitely triggered by X, upon seeing ad for Y: yeah sure I'll watch this

Fun fact about me: I had to get so much dental work in like 2019 that I now refer to my teeth by number and it confuses everyone around me!

Morgan boosted objectively everyone likes MILFs, by definition; what differs is how dense the population of MILFs is, from your perspective

that being said I do intend on calling my fiancee a MILF if we ever have kids

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