Does any user knows why this appears everytime I boot? I mean, my computer is fine but that quick line of command is something I'm not sure if I should be concerned about 🤡 (sorry for the quality, it's just too fast so I tried my best)

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@rayshadows it's probably also in dmesg somewhere, if you want a better look :P

@rayshadows Probably nbd, my machine spams ACPI errors to the console every time it wakes up from sleep and it's been running for 10 years now

@luther7718 yeah, it's not really something i should worry about, just vm mode off, thanks some random friend i get that too

no idea what it means but it doesnt affect anything so

@rayshadows That‘s nothing to worry about. Linux just shows some debug information during the boot process. That‘s totally normal.

@rayshadows that’s the output of systemd, which is the first process that gets run on boot. It starts everything else.

Generally speaking if the computer works there’s nothing to worry about. If something breaks then that will be useful for understanding why.

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