Banning abortion doesn’t save babies, it kills women.

“Issaquah woman denied life saving abortion in Malta, airlifted to Spain”

It never ends:
“The Supreme Court's decision to limit the power of the EPA goes against what climate experts warn needs to be done urgently in order to stave off the worst effects of the climate crisis.
‘Having this type of ruling is actually saying that it's a free-for-all oil and gas … we can actually unapologetically support the polluting of our communities in the United States’”



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From VP Kamala Harris:
“We are in this fight together.

Visit to get accurate and up-to-date information on your right to access reproductive health care and abortion.”

“While the politician fled severe weather in his home state while thousands of residents endured freezing temperatures without electricity or heat,”
Ted Cruz is fighting with a Muppet on Twitter again. This time it’s Elmo. / LGBTQ Nation


“Great” — I didn’t end up needing all my guesses! (Was starting to worry there were too many possibilities! 😅)

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Not too shabby.

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Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for Calvin and Hobbes. (Ok, thank Bill Watterson 😉)

"I think that was the goal of packing the Court with justices who were on the record for many years of being against women's constitutional rights to make decisions about our own bodies.” – Hillary Clinton on Supreme Court's overturning Roe v. Wade ruling on abortion rights

For more, check out today’s episode of “What A Day” from Crooked Media (the same people behind “Pod Save America”):

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If you live in the US, access to safe and legal is going to be on every ballot for the rest of our lives. Now that the federal government no longer protects it as a Constitutional right, it’s up to states and smaller jurisdictions, so local races are going to be even more important.

I worked as a software tester for years, laid off in 2018 — undoubtably same story as Microsoft — the company decided to just rely on automated developer testing, instead of actual human proxies for the end-user customers. Arguably worse with , using customers as unpaid testers…

Excellent main topic on episode 876 from Steve Gibson (of, “Microsoft's Patchy Patches”:

Don’t leave dogs, kids, or anyone alone in a car, even for a minute! If you’re not in the car w/ them, you can’t know that’s it isn’t too hot! 🥵♨️☀️
“It's hot out there! Reminder to NEVER leave children or pets alone in a car even if the windows are partially open or the engine is running, and the air conditioning is on. Last year, 23 children died of vehicular heat stroke in the country.” – Seattle Fire Dept


Wow, I did not expect that to be the answer. I just couldn’t think of anything for my 3rd guess.

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I’ve generated more than $30 for charity by reviewing vegan food — both restaurant dishes and store-bought products — on abillion! Follow me, and explore the vast array of delicious options that the world has to offer:

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It is important to remember that safe options are still out there no matter where you live, including ways to get abortion inducing medication and how to safely self manage an abortion at home, abortion funds to help you travel to a clinic out of state if needed, resources to make sure you find legitimate clinics, and hotlines if you are concerned about something while self managing an abortion or making sure you stay under the legal radar when planning or having an abortion.

Here are some good resources for anyone in need of an abortion, regardless of where you live in the U.S.

A website that gives you reliable sources for where to find abortion medication regardless of where you live:

An international aid group that delivers abortion medication through the mail to people in the U.S. They will even send them to you if you are not pregnant, so that you can already have them on hand if you ever need them:

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I was having trouble thinking of words for my 2nd and 3rd guesses. The actual answer is so much more obvious

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can be dangerous! 🥵♨️☀️ Stay cool before leads to more serious ! — and NEVER leave dogs or kids in a parked car, even with the windows rolled down!!!

“Signs of heat exhaustion include:

• Sweating
• Pale, ashen or moist skin
• Muscle cramps […]
• Fatigue, weakness or exhaustion
• Headache, dizziness or fainting

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