Cuomo is just a monstrous piece of human shit, eh?

For example, Andrew Cuomo counts the sector among his top donors. It's no stretch to draw a line between those contributions and Cuomo's immunity rule for nursing home execs at the start of the pandemic, which became a charter to commit negligent homicide with total impunity.

Covid burned through the world's private nursing homes like wildfire, and PE-owned homes were the worst: in NJ, PE-backed homes had 24.5% higher infection rates and 10.2% higher death rates than the statewide average.


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Throwing a giant party to celebrate the R0 value of my county falling below .8

Just realized that all of the old tropes in vampire lore is just describing ND ppl.

- affinity for counting
- uncomfortable entering another person's space unless explicitly told it's okay
- aversion to some strong flavors
- unusual working hours

That isn't vampirism, that's just autism.

Had a bad day at the business store where I work and do business things.

Turns out I am very bad at business.

Oof. Well, fuuuuck me. I guess you are never too smart to learn your lessons the hard way.

#2425 mRNA Vaccine 

To ensure lasting immunity, doctors recommend destroying a second Death Star some time after the first.

Screentime for iPhone but if you spend 20 hrs looking at twitter in a week, it goes ahead and books you a therapy appointment

Annoying mathematicians by insisting it is pronounced "yheero-vectors", actually.

This pandemic shit SUCCCKS. Someone should do something about it.

What of the eleventythousand marvel things do I need to watch for context on this wandavision show?

Systemic abuse of homeless persons 

Damn, they really gonna say the quiet part loud, huh?

Subtooting twitter trends 

Me seeing marijuana trending on Twitter: aww, hell yea, awesome!

Me seeing why it is trending: the fuck?! Aww this dumb... now I'm mad.

Opaque suicide joke 

Had a dream where someone described Hitler as "an villain" or having "an villain-ed" and I genuinely can't believe I can find no record of someone having made that joke online before.

I share with you: Fred Wilson, tech VC, master of silicon valley ; being an absolute boomer on zoom

The Linux cat command, but it puts a :blobcat: between every file you join together

"trans women belong in womens' sports.

trans men belong in mens' sports.

don't agree? delete me, you piece of shit. "

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Imagine the two worst people you know getting into a very public fist fight. It's never not gonna be funny.

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