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Weirdly mixed metaphor about metaphors 

Metaphor is the molecule that carries knowledge across the book-brain barrier

Welp, @avocatto couldn't just let this one lie, and observed that with two-digit years, you've got Y2K problems, right?

You sure do. So I dug in: I figured they probably implemented the solution you use if for some reason HAVE to deal with two-digit dates (which they don't, but chose to anyway).

You just pick a number, and assume any dates before that number are 20xx, and after are 19xx. For something like JIRA where you're not really recording historical data, you can probably get away with this. You're not gonna have tickets opened before, like, 1980, maybe pick 1970 cause it's the epoch, there, you're future proof for 50 years.

So I went to test, and was surprised when 50 was interpreted as 1950...and a few astonished trials later: jimminy cricket on a bobsled, they chose nineteen-FORTY-TWO as the first year to assume is 19xx :blobthinkingeyes: :thonking:

I really, really wish I were making this up because I am at a loss as to how you even begin to end up here. Stumped.

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I am at the bottom of the games to play list.

If I want to play more games, I am going to have to circle back to games I didn't finish for one reason or another.

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Just finished The Pedestrian tonight.

Really great game! A cool platforming puzzler with some fun twists. Really good pacing. Every time it starts to get a little stale, they find a fun way to mix it up with some new mechanics.

It's currently free on Game Pass if you have that.

Okay so I thought I had realistic expectations of Atlassian products, but they just keep finding new and appalling ways to surprise me.

At least the error message tells you exactly what kind of ass-backwards decisions they've made so you can adjust, I guess.

Idea: n-U mods of video game consoles. Like, shells and conversion kits that would let you install the hardware from classic and modern video game systems into a rack-mount system, maybe with standardized av/power and an integrated video switching system.

Exposed drives and cartridge slots would be cool, but integrating ODEs and flashcarts would be super rad

uspol, abuse, covid tests 

Four covid tests, ever, per residential address, isn't just an insult. It's abusive.

How can giving something for free be abusive?

Ask my narcissistic parents! One of their favorite tricks was to offer about 25% of what I needed. They got a multi-pronged kick out of it:

- the pleasure of shortchanging me and keeping things for themselves

- the pleasure of watching me still struggle, and telling themselves it was my fault, and feeling noble

- and the pleasure of gaslighting me about how I should be grateful, and watching the pain of that unfairness hit me.

Any of that feeling familiar lately?

Grim, I know. But my point is, I know this trick when I see it.

USPS doing free covid tests in case you didn't hear, it's just a few but it's more than I've had this whole fucking time

The new CDC guidelines include points such as "stop being a little bitch" and "get back to work, peasant". Further recommendations were to "rub some dirt on it" and "stop bringing up China"

@rgegriff Telling everyone around me to be quiet then proceeding to clicketyclack on my mechanical keyboard

Wordle 213 X/6 

Damn, big L today.


Telling everyone around me to be quiet when I'm on the internet because I'm talking long distance

Wourdle; Wordle, but with UK-English spellings

I can usually guess how much of a pain in the ass a lab in this course is going to be based on how long it take to provision the resources for it.

Goin' on eight minutes now 😬

β€œThe first thing I would like to mention is that there must be a recognition on the part of everybody in this nation that America is still a racist country[...] Now however unpleasant that sounds, it is the truth. And we will never solve the problem of racism until there is a recognition of the fact that racism still stands at the center of so much of our nation and we must see racism for what it is.”

A piechart labeled "Use of incognito by time" that is a circle with the thinnest of visible wedges carved in it; practically a line.

The wedge is labeled "viewing pornography" and the circle is labeled "debugging an issue that might be browser caching"

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