Celebrate pissed somebody off.

Say what you will about signal but Moxie knows how to make a drop.


I am adding a toot here to agree with some other takes regarding this. It is very irresponsible of signal to use their user base to do this.

Although, I’m not sure how else they would have accomplished exposing CB’s vulns without benefitting CB. It doesn’t justify the decision.


Unless it is just an idle threat. They could claim that they are deploying it on random installs of signal; and celibrite then needs to somehow prove, for EVERY instance their tools are used in a criminal case, that there was never any tampering of reports.

Effectively, the threat itself could be a viable attack against celibrite

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@rgegriff @thegibson My biggest gripe with this: What I installed on my phone was billed as a secure messenger, not an exploit payload distribution tool that might randomly recruite my phone to crack other devices. Who knows what situation I will be in when it triggers?

Highly unrealistic hypothetical example: "So... you are traveling to a computer conference and your phone we just randomly 'checked' froze our spying device? You are not boarding that flight, mister."

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