App idea.

Barcode scanner that tells you if the product you scanned is currently the target of a worker's strike or a widely recognized boycott

Buycott is a good app! Thanks to @neauoire and @erin for letting me know!

@rgegriff well, since everything is owned by one of like three corporations, the answer is almost always going to be yes

@rgegriff include all kind of atrocities the major food companies do!

I wanted to get it for android, but it is not on f-droid for some reason. Too bad :-(
I don't use google

@Gemlog @erin If you don't mind getting the apk from G's appstore, but don't want google services on your device; you can use apkcombo.

Apparently (I haven't personally validated) the app complains that it doesn't have google services, but works nonetheless

@Gemlog @erin The app DOES have some tracker/adservices in it, tho; unfortunately.

So there might be some room for a FLOSS app

Coolio! Works :-)
Have to hit 'back' when it whines about goog services, but then it works. So far nothing I scan has any suggestions though.

@Gemlog @erin Does it recognize the product at least?

I only scanned a 10oz can of Caffe Bustelo and it recognized it, and offered suggestions; but didn't match any of the campaigns I joined in the app.

I haven't given up any info to it: I joined nothing. Already a couple of codes it didn't recognize and wanted me to add to their database, but... you et alia already made it sound dodgy so... I will likely delete it, but it proves the case that there is definitely a need for something libre and open.

I scanned like 8 or 9 things. Shampoo, a&w root beer bottle, dish soap - just whatever. I found it works best if you turn on your flash.

So... this apps tells which products not to buy, then sends your details to the very same big companies, so they could receive even more money?
Great app!
@Gemlog @erin

@Azt3c @rgegriff
Yeah, that's what it looks like - I gave them zero info and then deleted the app. Plus I didn't use the 'app store' on android either.
a fedi app would send anonymized data and comments I imagine.

I just used your link on my phone. I don't think it will scan w/o google services tho...

@rgegriff I think the israel boycott people tried this and got kicked out of appstores? I seem to remember something like this
@Moon @rgegriff I found an argument that boycotting a product during a strike might not help because it doesn't put pressure on the execs to actually ramp up the production and give in
@coolboymew @rgegriff it works for israel boycott because the goal is to starve them not reform them
@Moon @rgegriff nice, I'm boycotting them right now and I didn't even know!
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