A coop-multiplayer casino heist game set during a furry convention.

Billion dollar idea right here. Think about it:

- Everyone is already wearing masks.
- Can fit all sorts of guns/tools in a fursuit
- Knock people out, stuff them in a fursuit. "Oh, my buddy drank too much"
- Ludicrous levels of player character customization.
- A walking cat shooting it's way out of a casino while hauling a duffel filled with cash would be rad as all fuck.
- crossover appeal: I'm not a furry and I would play

Somebody make this before EA does, and leverages the lootbox potential

@rgegriff As a furry who also fursuits, yes, you can fit all sorts of guns and tools in a suit, but accessing them will be difficult. Which leads to an interesting game mechanic -- maybe your role in the heist is just to traffic tools and weapons. :)

@rgegriff OH, and all this while the furries are entertaining kids and parents. :)

@vertigo @rgegriff [movie trailer voice] The convention was supposed to be a simple day of furry, family fun....only one thing got in the way......REVENGE.

@vertigo @rgegriff has to be an ursine suit, then they're your

Right to bear arms :ablobcatangel:

@rgegriff I don't think I would play this myself, but I could totally see myself watching some VTuber playing it.

@rgegriff If this was a movie I would back the crowdfund. Love the ideas here. A cat with a dufflebag of money and bills floating in the air slow motion walking out of a burning building with explosions behind them and slowly shooting without looking at attackers to either side of them would be kind of incredibly fucking badass. And that would just be the first scene... a voiceover flashback would rewind to the planning phase of the heist... oh this could be so rad.

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