You don't have to be a fascist to hate modern art, but you have to hate modern art to be a fascist

What's the point in doing punk. It's just gonna get appropriated anyways

@socketwench actually.... maybe with some post processing, this might be a way to 3d print air filters 🤔

@socketwench Neat! I'll have to remember that for if I want to print a really bad hepa filter

@mgrondin @thenewoil We don't need antibiotics, either, but I am glad we have them.

I think we need to resist corporate surveillance; not necessarily things that could improve health and well-being.

Don't want to throw the baby out with the toilet water!

@thenewoil I want this, so long as I can keep it offline, and keep the data to myself.

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz Might talk to my doctor about getting back on sad blockers

@nathan :blobcatpat: isn't working.

Didn't it break before? What's up with that ONE emojo? haha

when you hear libs and capitalists talk about something being "realistic," just swap the word out for "profitable" and you'll get it

"I'm inside this deep underground network, housing one of the oldest deities to roam on this planet. For some, she is the 'Black Goat of the Woods'. For others she's 'Lord of the Wood'. But for many she is called Shub-Niggurath.

'Iä! Shub-Niggurath!'. As her followers chant..."

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"I've been graciously given the chance to record here at the infamous 'Spawn Pit', home to the deadliest monsters of the Elder World. I was told it's completely safe, as long as there's nothing here to actually push me in."

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Need to set up a fuck the police server for people to upload files to

I just got done doing a bunch of cleaning and got rid of DOZENS of usb power supplies. Fortunately, someone on craigslist was happy to take a whole bag of chargers

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I am very excite about this EU charger proposal. Universal ports AND device manufactures stop putting shitty chargers in the box with the devices? Hell yes!

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