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Hi 👋 you can call me Matteo. I'm trans and a witch and super gay. Intp. Gemini sun | leo moon/acendent

I'm obsessed with mushrooms and mycology. I forage and do a lot of crafting of sorts.

I love Alice Oseman's books! Heartstopper is wonderful!

The tolkien universe is life. I'm a huge nerd.

Hmu 🤙 rhenelis#9355

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I’m going to do a chapter by chapter update to help understand the books better because it’s hard for me to read sometimes and this holds me accountable and really “get” the book.

Since I talked about CDAD on here before, I wanna share the audiobook that I listened to. The person who made it did a pretty good job with Gen and Echo's voice.

It takes a while for Jessie to get a hang of Echo's voice but when she does it sounds like honey. 🍯

It's also just a really good book in general and they have a subtle twist for the zombies that I like too.

Mention of emotion and sexual manipulation. 

Echo Blair, she's a 30 but she's dating a manipulative asshole..

Yes, I'm still pissed about it even though the book came out in 2013.

poetry I wrote 

Another day and another day,

i’m tired of being tired.

Life is exhausting but,

there is no stopping.


We grow daily,

but need to be watered.

Stop giving everything,

without receiving.


Your cup will run dry,

with nothing inside.

And you can’t give,


Please for the love of God play Chicken Police. I never knew I needed an anthro film noir spoof game, but I definitely did.
It's on Playstation Plus for free.
Please it's art.

🎶“Now my life is sweet like cinnamon… pick me up and take me like a vitamin… “🎶

— Lana del ray ❤️

Just thought I'd lay some ground rules for anyone in my social circle in case I haven't made it clear enough.

If you are going to treat disabled people, people who can't communicate to neurotypical "standards".. as a liability, you need to fuck off.

Showing only care to that one needs to be able to "effectively communicate" to be a world leader as a dismissal of like how Biden struggles with his speech, that he's obviously a "liability".. do you even hear yourself?

This is what like what every autistic person, what every ADHD person, what so much of neurodivergent folks have used against them as justification why they're "unsuitable".

Neurotypical society is fucking bullshit.

Me being forced all my childhood to have speech and language therapy for other people's sake. Me being forced to give people eye contact, for other people's sake. What about my own sake? The way it affects me just doesn't matter right?

People think effective communication needs people to be verbal, and to be able to be up to neurotypical "coherent" standards.

How the fuck can world leaders come together knowing squat all of each other's languages besides maybe the hola here, bonjour there, ahoj over there. How do they even do it?

Technology is a fantastic tool. You have the technology to break down language barriers. Why are the only language barriers your toxic neurotypical mindset has an issue with, calling a person "unsuitable" because of, is when it comes to disabled people?

Oh but, but, but...

All these fucking things you go on about as justifications to what SO much of this society, right left and center say about why someone not being able to talk in the same capacity as you, are unfit for a job..

It is a rewriting of the exact same talking points used against people that struggle walking are can't at all.

You wouldn't say someone is unfit for being a world leader because they're in a wheelchair right?

"Oh but they need to be able to be mobile at minute's notice".

Wheelchairs.. technology.. it's an amazing thing.

Why is speech any different?

Many people that are even non verbal you can effectively communicate if the aids are there to help make that communication accessing. And world leaders communicating among each other just proves it.

Don't be fucking ableist. Have a check up on the things you're saying and thinking because ableism is engrained heavily in neurotypical society.. disguised via talking points too kuch people see as being "reasonable" and "common sense".

Check up on your bigotry and do fucking better people. It shows so much when it's a person you dislike.

Whether that is to Biden's stutter, or to when Trump slipped up with "Thighland".. and immediately corrected.

The mockery y'all make of these things is fucking disgusting.

How do you tell someone is being friendlier than a friend? (Idk how to word it properly but hopefully it makes sense.) I’m questioning interactions with certain people lately. And google doesn’t help really either 🤔🤔 I have to read more I guess

Should I buy the heelys?

I = good person
racist = bad person
Therefore, I =/= racist

People don't want to be labeled a bad person. But having prejudicial thoughts does not make you a bad—on the contrary, wrestling with those prejudices is what makes you a better person.

finally drew something T-T

slightly nsfw: boy with a giant sword and a tiny skirt

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