I usually go with they/them but that doesn't help with boy/girl. If you use something gender neutral it just sounds like you're trying to make it sound less gay :(

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The hardest part about being non-binary and bisexual is trying to figure out which are the gayest pronouns to use when you cover love songs

Student stress 

I have to finish an assignment for uni tonight. It's not even difficult but getting it finished feels impossible. This always happens :/

@Noneuclidery hello we don't know each other but I thought you'd want to know someone got your joke!

@assassins_queer It's an interesting topic! I lurked around the Sherlock fandom and I 100% see why that type of 'intelligence' (which was never realistic) was appealing to so many ppl.
Smthn about someone being able to look at you and know everything about you without you having to tell them.
Especially as an insecure teenager.

With sapiosexual: there's also the idea that you like someone based more on mind than body, but see intelligence as the appeal rather than personality. (Kinda ableist)

@assassins_queer yeah definitely! I just mean that I think it was a trend that was popular for a bit and then abandoned. Ofc if someone genuinely used it as an authentic expression of their experience I'd never call it a trend but in my experience that isn't what happened. There was this fetishization of intelligence that was going around at the time, esp. in the Sherlock fandom. The thing is we don't generally conceptualise attraction to an attribute as an orientation: that would be a fetish.

@assassins_queer I don't think it's really an actual thing? Not to invalidate anyone's experience but that's just not really how it works. Ppl might find themselves more into ppl they perceive as intelligent (that's fairly common) but it's more that it can be an attractive quality.
I haven't come across anyone *genuinely* IDing as sapiosexual for years (although maybe I'm just too in my own bubble) but when I did ppl didn't seem to view it the same as an actual orientation anyway.

pronoun experimentation 

@elin oh elin? They seem cool; I just started following them on mastodon.

Coming out 

Honestly the thing I hate most about coming out is how embarrassing it is to have to tell people random personal details about yourself.

"Hey mum, how was work? By the way, here is some intensely personal information I feel obligated to share with you.
Okay, thanks for not rejecting me see you later!"

@cassolotl I have definitely experienced that and I probably have ADHD (not yet diagnosed)


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