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Yo. What's up. I'm a transgender programming shitposter who also does 2D and 3D art, I'm also the person responsible for fxtwitter / TwitFix, so sorry about that

I made this because I don't like Elort Morske.

Follow me if you would like to see:
art, new projects, selfies with an occasional horrible post to keep you on your toes

I cant believe if your IQ is above a certain level you're allowed to join this club of the most insufferable people on the planet and thats like the main benefit you get

Good morning starshine, the earth says hello 👋

I wake up at 5 am every day so i can look kinda like a girl when i sit at my desk :)

This thing has component, displayport, two dvi inputs, and HDMI. Like what the fuck.

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Also, I hit another huge dub thrifting today, found a perfectly functional Dell 2408WFP (24" 1920X1200) FOR $8

Hail and well met!!! I finally went ahead and made that fundraiser to see if I can slowly get a little bit of a fund going for laser hair removal in the future


@robinUniverse I wear pink cat ear headphones, fuschia boots, brightly colored nails, and soon I'll be adding a huge pink scrunchie.

I'm a chemical engineer.

Wear those dresses if you want. Rock on!

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