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Yo. What's up. I'm a transgender programming shitposter who also does 2D and 3D art, I'm also the person responsible for fxtwitter / TwitFix, so sorry about that

I made this because I don't like Elort Morske.

Follow me if you would like to see:
art, new projects, selfies with an occasional horrible post to keep you on your toes

@robinUniverse I wear pink cat ear headphones, fuschia boots, brightly colored nails, and soon I'll be adding a huge pink scrunchie.

I'm a chemical engineer.

Wear those dresses if you want. Rock on!

Yall am I being responsible by wearing like dresses every day to my IT job? Like even the cis woken i work with dont ever really do that so im worried im being a little extra

Slowly making a gigantic toolchain badically from scatch that integrates into multiple APIs, AD, and whatever else i can get my grubby little hands on

I gotta assume it's a generational thing but like the youth pastor vibes are so strong

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whats up with those furry adults who say the word 'heckin' and use nothing but telegram and have like stickers of their OC commissioned that they use as reaction images

why the hell IL have no super early morning breakfast burrito joints. I miss you, phat boyz and taco loco : [

Wore a dress without leggings without feeling like my life was about to end all day for the first time today (at work too!!)

I am learning a lot more lately
I have made a very rough, hand made TUI animation system !

I am so sorry but it is time to upload another jpeg of my face to twitter dot com. Start running.

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