Yall am I being responsible by wearing like dresses every day to my IT job? Like even the cis woken i work with dont ever really do that so im worried im being a little extra

@robinUniverse I wear pink cat ear headphones, fuschia boots, brightly colored nails, and soon I'll be adding a huge pink scrunchie.

I'm a chemical engineer.

Wear those dresses if you want. Rock on!

@robinUniverse it is maybe a bit extra, but extra is fine if that's what you want

@robinUniverse Of course you are a little extra. You are You !!

The time that IT-ers had to wear a 3-piece suite are long behind us. Thank God.
(says someone who got rejected because of wearing different colored laces in his shoes)

If there is no immediate danger: Enjoy your dresses

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