Hello! I thought it might finally be a good time to make a series of posts, introducing you all to my system

During the course of the TwitFix mess, some old trauma was dug up, revealing my plurality, and my DID. I was diagnosed shortly afterwards.


1. Robin Universe
Me! Hi, I'm the original host, as far as I can tell, or at least I have been for since we were 15. I'm the puppygirl who tends to be the most outgoing and emotionally understanding of the system

These days, I am only fronting for less than a third of the time

2. , or as she likes to be called, T
She's been the host since our diagnosis, she is the most reliable robot girl I've ever met, and we all owe her a lot for getting us through the day to day of life. She loves potatoes and usually is the one shitposting on here 3. Trish Universe
She's the mom of the system, she likes to stay inside and tend to the garden, but is generally the one that makes sure we get enough to eat and generally take care of ourselves. She's like a Toriel that lives in my head

She also speaks like this! :-) 4. X / Xenia / Penny Universe
She's the technical one, she loves to hyperfocus on programming, and she's quite good at it, too. She likes to drive around with the windows down for the fun of it while listening to keygen music, she doesn't talk much, but is warming up to us There are a few more, but I haven't fully explored my system yet, and many of the others are not yet ready to come forward.

It's been very nice to meet you all, and I look forward to loving every one of you

- The Multiverse System

We were very lucky to have been in the kind of supportive environment that we were in when we first discovered our DID. Had it not been for people in the plural community being around, what was already a very terrifying process could have been much worse

We learned to take care of eachother, and to live for one another. We have finally found the ability to love ourselves through the act of loving our headmates that do so much for the system, and while the trauma, flashbacks, and dissociation is hard, Id never trade my new friends

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