i just want to say that the ventra app is just a little bit of a design disaster

if i ever say 'tweets' on mastodon i want you to do me a favor and do a mental find and replace bc the crossposter is not yes smart enough to figure out that I'm about to post something that is going to make me look stupid on mastodon or not

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transvestigator just be me trying to figure out if i took my hrt this morning or not based on my tweets

love having DID because sometimes you get a package containing a professional POS receipt printer and your just like 'what the fuck is this for'

nothing puts you on edge in the morning like feeling like you're about to get knocked to your death while you're sitting at your desk in an empty office trying to wake up

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just had a fucking auditory hallucination of a fucking minecraft ghast

nvm boss did not respond to my request for this before I had to leave so i am just sucking it up

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asked to take an unpaid day off cause all my sick time is exhausted and i have a migraine uwu

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@1ynx i am very sorry about the cross post i dont have enough brain for two social medias w active posts

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