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Anyone want joint custody of my blahaj so i have someone to visit every other Saturday

Bitches be like "whats at the center of the maze?? whats at the center of the maze???" BITCH THAT GAMES NOT FOR YOU!!!

I sent this to one coworker that i trust and he was extremely supportive so i am feeling much more confident about this

I think today is the day I come out at work

I dont feel ready, but i do not think I ever will, so lets just do it anyways

Wish me luck!

i didnt mention this publically but fxdeviantart has been down for some time because I ran out of funds to pay for the server and it is quite low priority on my list of things/bills that need attention

As with almost all of my projects, I have made the source code available ->

sometimes you're just the kind of tired that sleep doesn't fix

Did you know you can drive fucking 3 HD displays from a steamdeck at the same time because GOD DAMN

not to have a hot take or anything but doesn't it actually seem like a good thing there is a way to ban edgy nazis and sex pests from minecraft now

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