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it's so funny to me that I've dated like 4 people and 2 of them have goat fursonas

When I was in line, someone had a few items, and asked to pass me in line, I was happy to, but I was a little stunned by the fact that he got my attention by saying 'Ma'am, ma'am? miss?'

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The first time I put on a dress and did the spinny, it made me really really happy, I mean, I know it's so fucking cliche, but it's a cliche for a reason, because it's SO TRUE SPINNY = GOOD

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Every since I started doing makeup and taking selfies I've gotten so much support, and that makes me so god damn happy, but the first time I did it and looked in the mirror I felt so much joy that I actually cried

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Before I even officially came out or even told anyone, one of my close co-workers just switched to using she/her on me randomly, as a guess, 3 days before I came out ( and now they do it very intently and I have to hide my smile every time )

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Yesterday, when I was waiting for a ride home from work, some guy passed me up, looked back at me, did a double take, walked back, and was like ' hi, just wanted to say hello : ) ' which up until that point was the most attention I've gotten from a stranger. i absorbed power.

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a nice lady who was asking for donations in the intersection, after my first full day at work in a dress and makeup, looked at me and said 'my god aren't you're pretty!'

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going to make a thread of little moments of gender happiness that I've gotten since I started presenting fem so I dont make whole new tweets about it

Oh yeah I forgot to mention I FUCKING FINALLY GOT MY CAR BACK


I am now officially fully out as a woman, after XX years in development, we hope it has been worth the wait

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