My present emotional state is Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic tearing apart the floorboards to find the beetle.

Tbh this is my emotional state most of the time

Ughhh the motion tracking on my VR headset glitched out and immediately gave me a splitting headache

Purely hypothetically, what would happen if we had a massive write-in campaign for GIANT METEOR on the midterm elections? Would the US government then be obligated to redirect a giant meteor to the white house?


Pol, abortion, rape 

Oh, rape victims need abortions?

Simple! We will make rape illegal! This will surely solve all our problems and make abortion go away.

Great job, politicians, doing the real hard work out there

Pol, Ukraine war 

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was careful not to condemn the war but said that China’s firm stance is that “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries should be respected. The purposes of the principles of the U.N. Charter should be observed.”

Very interesting position there. I know of at least one country whose sovereignty China should respect more

If we had an alternative technology *today* then that'd be a different story. Nuclear is proven technology, and generally extremely safe.

We need a solution *right now* that can replace fossil fuel plants. It has to happen right now if we want to prevent catastrophe.

Nothing else we have can replace fossil fuels immediately. Even if we tear the reactors down in ten years, we *have* to build them. We're out of time and out of options.

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Still wild to me that people push back against fission energy.

We are at the point where even the totally imaginary worst fears of nuclear safety are just completely inconsequential. If hundreds of millions of people die and a continent or two are rendered uninhabitable to nuclear fallout, does it matter when the alternative is the entire planet being uninhabitable due to climate collapse? Billions would die.

There just isn't a valid argument to make. Cost? Safety? Irrelevant in the extreme.

"you have a 5,843MB system update, would you like to agonizingly download all 4375 packages one by one before even starting to install any? No? Too bad. Estimated time: 6 hours"

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I find it very interesting that pacman by default has concurrent downloads, but aptitude doesn't support it at all.

Pacman also has a terrible interface compared to apt, so I guess it balances out

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