"At first I thought this was a crazy idea, but maybe I need more "training" before i learn to think better...."

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teaching kids stuff is fun but if you ask them about their favorite game or hobby they will tell you all about it and be incredibly patient teaching you how to do it because generally no one in their lives takes their interests seriously or sees them as an authority on anything

The E in EULA is silent.

I will not be accepting feedback.

Boyfriend is taking our foster dog to meet her potential new family today and I just 😭😭😭😭

“30% of people don’t get a vaccine at all but the other 70% all get anywhere between one and five vaccines” feels like what you would do if you were trying to create new variants lmao

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On Twitter: 23 Likes, 6 Retweets;
Eeew that's disgustingly unpopular.

On the Fedi: 1 Favorite, 2 Boosts;
OMG this post is going to the MOON!

Gods, I am so burnt out on work right now. I've been going all out for months trying to cover short staffing and pushing through the shortages and whatnot. It's getting harder and harder to give a shit about work.

Fortunately, I have two more days until an 8 day vacation, and then I have a week off in November and December. Hopefully that helps

Study: Majority Of Panic Attacks Involve Anxiety Person Knows Well bit.ly/3GnMPT9

Do any of my tech friends know about long term data archival? I have about 50gb worth of code repos from another life that I want to store permanently. I do not need rapid or easy read access, just reliable storage.

Right now it lives in a cloud service, but I can't rely on that. Optical media doesn't last long enough, and magnetic tape is too expensive.

The best plan I can come up with is to write it to a hard drive and chuck it in my safe, but this feels unwise.

"Presenting the world’s first HTML5 accelerator card"

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it goes like this, the posts, the simps,
the anarchists, and emoji
the timeline keeps on scrollin hallelujah

I have to say, it's pretty great how:
A) The Fediverse is quick to block Trump's fork and instance of Mastodon that violates the AGPL3 licensing
B) Said licensing violation might result in yet another lawsuit against a looney and
C) Hacktivists were quick to find a way to claim 45's handle

Move Over, Grapes: 10 Other Things You Can Stomp On To Make Something Happen bit.ly/3aWhFnc

AI safety solution: make an AI care about literally everything a little bit, so it can't trade off everything for marginal returns on its objective function

the result: oh god we gave the robot anxiety


Trump's new social network is preparing to launch... look familiar?


I advise you get on blocking the below domains.

You knew it was going to happen.

Boost it far and wide!




#mastoadmin tip for ya'll. when you're doing a #fediblock of mobile.tmediatech.io. just block tmediatech.io as mastodon will also block all of it's subdomains.



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