Hello, we've been trying to reach you regarding your NFT's extended warranty

getting so hacked off at generic, indistinguishable flat UI designs (all flat UI is indistinguishable) being billed as "radical", "fresh", "innovative" that I'm making my own hypercrunk ui made out of simulated metal slabs you can actually cut yourself on, squishy tactile baby buttons that go parp, and recycled gigeresque brass greeblies from abandoned 1999 Enlightenment WMs found in a skip

because of the surging gas prices, the value and ass and grass has skyrocketed

Getting real sick of people being mad at me for talking about things they didn't specify should be kept secret.

"We've secretly replaced Captain Janeway's dilithium with Folger's crystals. Now let's watch as she goes to warp!"

"...she says the nebula coffee was better."

they say there are no atheists in foxholes but that doesn't really seem to capture the furry dating dynamics i've seen on mastodon

when people say “my computer is slow” what they really mean is “the modern web is bloated”

America just stepped a little closer to an Orwellian dystopia where even innocence isn’t enough to stop a State executing you:


This broke something in me. 😡 @lindsaykatai@twitter.com @travishelwig@twitter.com

We need to talk more about how much energy is being wasted globally by poorly written or optimized programs burning trillions of cpu cycles doing nothing

Your code has consequences. Each instruction has a discrete energy cost. Do better.

a spellbook where each spell has a long personal story with it like recipe blog

For any other pet owners: ratpakmonthly.com is a monthly subscription that sends you a box full of treats and toys, for a very reasonable $25! About the right size for 2-5 rattos.

Not an ad, I genuinely love them! It's all decent quality stuff, and my girls love all the snacks!

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