Oh, good grief.. well, if anyone needed more of a reason to be anywhere else than mastodon.social or mastodon.online, Gargron's turned off the Local and Federated timelines there.



He *does* cite it as one of the heavy DB users, and the official instances are getting crushed under the load of 99% of the Musk-fleers ending up there. Sounds like he’s running around trying to do anything he can to keep it from collapsing.


I'd be much more inclined to believe it's a temporary measure had he not come out against Local and Federated by excluding them from the official app, and calling the former a mistake.

I wouldn't be surprised turning off Local and Federated will become an option in a future mainline release. ("Why bother spending more on server costs when you can just turn these timelines off?")

Perhaps I'm being overly suspicious, but, there's form.


@porsupah @anthracite is lazy shitty design, too. In what universe is a client device incapable of receiving a couple hundred toots and filtering them against a block list? There's no good reason to process this on the server.

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