:blob_outage: Merci de partager. Je suis à la recherche d'un-e psychiatre à Bordeaux ou dans l'agglo de la ville qui accepte de nouveaux patients et qui est LGBT friendly. Merci beaucoup pour votre aide :blob_cat_heart:

Saw this on birdsite, thought it had a certain poetry to it:

A molotov cocktail is just a message in a bottle

Tiens petit sondage du premier mai,
Estimez-vous faire partie du monde ouvrier (et pourquoi) ?

A really interesting report about islamophobia in Europe just got out and it's freely available here:

"Al Fascismo no se le discute, se le destruye"
- Buenaventura Durruti

Calling all followers of our main account on lgbt.io! 🔊

This account is our back-up, until the issues on lgbt.io are resolved. It'll become our main account if lgbt.io goes down permanently.

If you've got #LGBTQ+ / #nonbinary / #trans followers, boosting this post would be a big help, because at the moment posts aren't federating from #LGBT.io, and account migration isn't working at all.

For more on the issues with #LGBTio, read their Patreon post here: patreon.com/posts/server-os-up

Thank you. :)


Hi, I'm Samcell, a Belgian . I'm a big and fan, so I'll speak about it A LOT. I'll mostly write in french, but I'll try to post some english content too (and why not spanish, as well).

I love , , and pretty much every means Humanity has found to tell stories.

Sometimes, I write fiction myself.

, and

Ouais, bon, par contre, j'avoue que passer de + de 900 followers à littéralement sone-per, ça fait bizarre, un peu.


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