A Phone arrived a few months ago for an ex room mate who ran off owing money and stole from us.

Tried to call to carrier unlock, "requires previous account holder to authorize" OR you can just start a band new account and unlock it after the new account activates.

Nothing fancy, not a good phone, I just felt like doing it for the lulz.

💀 💀

I just noticed my ISP did a soft disconnect of my internet due to non-payment, but it doesn't matter because my VPN connection is unaffected. I can't believe in 2020 I'm still able to steal internet access this easily.

I've had access to this nigerian scammer's telegram account for about a week now. Just been watching him sending out a hundred or so messages a day of "hey", and barely ever even getting past 1 or 2 replies before being completely ignored.

It's pretty sad honestly, I know he is about 20 years old at most, and there is a whole generation of these kids being taught the same 3 or 4 old scams by people who did them 10-20 years ago and thinking they still work.

Can we all please unplug out thinking impulses from the now endless campaign-cycle horseshit, that gets more and more like Pro Wrestling or even UFC, even after out last "election"?? And actually bore in and peel the onion on all kinds of dire insane stuff we've let pile up, and try to get some badly needed things done??

When the same old "centrist" pundit parrots go on and on gloating about the giant COVID bill as a, "Big win for Biden", don't listen to them.
How about the people?? How about the starving, the unemployed - how about the children??

Forget the same old gloating about the sacred cow, "The Middle Class", WHAT ABOUT THE POOR??!?
Poverty #'s are already exploding, and the mass evictions haven't even started yet....


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It’s less that he “could” only draw one man, it’s that he only *wanted* to draw one man, may we all have the confidence and self-actualization to find our personal Don Bluth’s Boyfriend and never apologize for it twitter.com/kaiserbeamz/status

RT @mcclure111: RT @Coelasquid: It’s less that he “could” only draw one man, it’s that he only *wanted* to draw one man, may we all have the confid… twitter.com/i/web/status/13669

I've been playing Mortal Kombat all day and I decided to start wearing my mask inside too becuase why not?

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On Encryption 1/12: In a time when citizens are demanding accountability & transparency from their local law enforcement, @PortlandPolice have made the decision to shut the door on the media & citizens by turning on encryption to their police dispatch channels.

I can use PIDGIN as my twitter client!!! HEACK YEAH!

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So when they said $2k checks immediately, what they actually meant was $1400 checks, whenever we get to it, after bombing Syria and abandoning the minimum wage hike. Good luck in the midterms! ✨✨

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kind of a bummer to have been born at the very end of the Fuck Around century just to live the rest of my life in the Find Out century

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Let's not upset @laurenboebert by retweeting the website I built for her that confirms she's a fraud, racist, seditionist, criminal, and super idiot.


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