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@histoftech @nope4evr See my alma mater covering itself in glory. Would not be able to do my undergrad program there now.

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I’m collecting examples of colleges & universities that have used the pandemic to get rid of faculty & staff—whether through formal dept closures or piecemeal strategies like tenure denial, adjunct firings, refusal of ADA accommodations, coercion to work in unsafe conditions, etc

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@histoftech In announcing budget cuts, Eastern Mich U posted a list of budget cuts that OTHER schools had announced, including layoffs and program closures. Probably some useful details in here:

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Tagging some educators who might benefit from this! If you know others who are looking to add content on Tech & Power to their courses - please share :)

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The School of Journalism and Communication is seeking a tenure track Assistant Professor of Global Media Studies with a focus on one or more regions of the Global South, which may include Latin America, Africa, or South Asia.

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: University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication (@uoregon, @UOsojc) is hiring a tenure track Assistant Professor of Global Media Studies. Apply before Nov 1st, 2022. More info:

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🗓️📌We are thrilled to announce the full lineup of the Fall 2022 Virtual Seminar Series! It will take place every week between September 22 and December 1, and will be free and open to everyone. Registration begins in early September.✨

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@schock They know, they just love making bad faith arguments to advance their agenda

Soooo. ... Seriously though, do a lot of people actually still not know about COINTELPRO?
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Wait until they find out about COINTELPRO

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Asking an AI to show me Mars in the year 2070

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“… That's the kind of I hope and wish for: where ‘what's wrong?’ drives our pursuit of ‘what if?’”- Sherri Spelic, design educator, from the book “Design Justice” by @schock

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GIGO at scale, but where 'Garbage' stands for white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, cisnormativity, ableism, classism, settler colonialism, islamophobia. What Black feminist theorist Patricia Hill Collins calls the Matrix of Domination.


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Deja que se entere de lo que los feos han hecho en contra del movimiento independentista en Puerto Rico

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