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the most ludicrous thing about 'tHe EcOnOmY' as a reason for lifting covid restrictions is that just giving people money would be better for the economy in every measurable way

re: mandalorian spoilers I guess 

@Breakfast ugh, I sincerely hope that is not true. That puts a sour taste in my mouth, if true

mandalorian spoilers I guess 

@Breakfast As far as i am aware, she is supposed to play the role of Ahsoka. Ahsoka has not popped up yet but I am sure she will be in the next episode b/c she was mentioned by name

@assassins_queer @Noneuclidery
I am going to be brutally honest, but I sincerely do not care. I have a million more important concerns than the lives of celebrities. I will say in the abstract, that I support abuse victims but I care little about the specifics of this.

@Noneuclidery @assassins_queer My understanding that the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard situation is that there is no clear Abuser/Abusee. They were in a codependent toxic relationship and both of them did some messed up crap.

@gaysteve I am irritated by this too because we organize logical thoughts with our emotion. There is actual science supporting this and everything

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*hank hill voice*
do i look like i know what a gender is

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I find it ironic that I am told as an anarchist that I am destructive and want to kill people but yet I didn't allow a pandemic to ravage through millions of people, killing/maiming them, and destroying the economy. Just something that I am musing because I am having an increasing number of students being quarantined

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I am manifesting spiritual hugs for every trans person

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US Politics: Biden is still bad actually. 

So I'm not saying Biden is literally == Trump.
But I am just going to point out he ended his speech with "And may God protect our troops."

I really don't know about your personal struggle, but mine doesn't really end with a kinder, gentler Empire. Biden is still a representation of the agressively imperialistic US political culture.

We should recognize this as the pyrrhic victory it is and prepare to have to firmly entrenched our position in anti-fascism and anti-racism in order to meaningfully agitate for a better tomorrow.

The history of colonization we live through means this is always a necessity. But the unfortunate truth is a victory by the standards of the hegemony will be viewed by many as a victory full stop.

Electoral politics can not save us. At the best it can get out of the way enough for us to do the real work. Settler-colonialism will always be the default state of the government of the US under its constitution. That history can not be unwritten through simple participation on its terms.

Trump was the Enemy, Biden is the Enemy. Complacency is the end of resistance. Take your breather, we all need it. Decompress from the abuse of an incompetent tyrant and steel yourself for the work ahead.

Hopeless transbian 

Why are girls so pretty that I have the confusing dilemma that I both want to be them and be with them? :trans_heart: :blobhearteyes:

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Anarchism does not mean bloodshed; it does not mean robbery, arson, etc. These monstrosities are, on the contrary, the characteristic features of capitalism. Anarchism, or socialism, means the reorganization of society upon scientific principles and the abolition of causes which produce vice and crime. Capitalism first produces these social diseases and then seeks to cure them by punishment.
-- August Spies

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@assassins_queer @gaysteve If you give a mouse a cookie should be the tactic. Ask for a cookie, then milk, then a straw... etc.

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@assassins_queer This is beautiful

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