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I've said this before and I'll say it again.

The fedi is just a racist place.

Sure, people have the right buzz words in their bios and all that but it's been three years and the fedi still has the same virulently racist problem it had when I first set up PV.

People say the right things in public but they conspire behind the scenes to harass Black/Brown folks.

And it's not GAB centric people. It's your friends, your mutuals, your faves.

That's why nothing is being done about it.

Dysphoria, Potential transphobia 

I want to be the real me but as a teacher in the Bible Belt, I feel really pressured to either remain in the closet or to quit teaching. I don't want to quit teaching, both because I need the job to transition and because I like doing it.

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I just want to eke out a peaceful unobtrusive existence somewhere, but honestly that seems kind of like a fantasy

So I legit just had a student downplay the virus in my biology class. fml Am I failing these kids that badly?

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tired: homosexuals want to establish communism and must be stopped
wired: homosexuals want to establish communism, yes
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being into "classic rock" as a genre is kinda like when i, a dingus 18-year-old, told my interviewer at barnes and noble that my favorite kind of book to read was "non-fiction"

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y'know I don't trust anyone who builds an identity around samurai ideals

especially because those ideals were created during imperial japan to further nationalism, and don't actually have much historical precedent at all

😅 I am totally not stressed out by the amount of work I have to do

It is looking like my DM has found some cool peeps and we get to play DnD again. Ya girl gets to play her Tiefling wizard

Hi! My name is Siobhan and I am trying out Mastodon for the 2nd time. I had a long attempt at birdsite but it is too toxic for me.

A Mastodon server friendly towards anti-fascists, members of the LGBTQ+ community, hackers, and the like.