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Hello <3

My name is Juks (they/them pronouns). I'm a .

Content I'm looking for: transformative justice, disability justice, healing justice, autonomous, anarchist, plants, animals, queer & trans love, hot bodies of all kinds, & words of affirmation.

Things I'll be posting:
my feelings, selfies, my body, content I really like/want to [re]share, things I find aesthetically pleasing, plants, cats.

DMs open for new friends!

Ugh. Woke up in the middle of the night with nothing to keep me company. Fuck this.

Made collages yesterday. Printed out texts that people sent to me and pasted them over some floral photos from a magazine. This one is one of my favorites. 🧡

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Reading theory, especially anarchist theory, isn’t just about your own personal understanding, it’s also about sharing, teaching, synthesizing, and practicing what you learn. If you instead use theory to gatekeep and make it a prerequisite to conversation you’re a piece of shit and give theory a bad reputation.

My 2 grey kittens are cuddling and they’re practically nose to nose!!

Thats Penelopeigh on the left and Ashleigh on the right. Yes that’s how their names are spelled.

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Looking for other options. If you know of some, send them my way!

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Instacart laying off their employees for unionizing fucking sucks y’all.

I was literally about to start having my groceries delivered by them for convenience and safety reasons.

Guess fucking not.

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instacart, union busting 

instacart is laying off 2,000 of its 10,000 employees, including every single employee who voted to unionize.

can I get a good rousing "fuck instacart" going in the chat

Moving all of my nsfw content over to my switter.

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Like if people hated the entire government as much as they do 1 person then maybe we would get somewhere better.

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My Facebook is crawling with liberals and it’s rather annoying today.

I don’t give a shit about this inauguration. I will not celebrate who my oppressors are.

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Yeah, fuck Biden and Harris also. They just prove that "progressive" as a political label is fucking meaningless.

Happy one month of me being off Instagram and on Mastodon, y’all 🥲

[soft] drugs 

I have sooo many random bags and stash jars with weed left in them. I apparently don’t finish my weed before purchasing more and immediate smoke the new stuff once I get it.

I’m in a perpetual state of never running out of weed. While also never finishing my weed either. 🥴

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i love baggy clothes, i also love tight clothes, and i also hate wearing clothes

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🌱🌱☘🌻 🌱☘🌱🌱🌱

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"If you don’t want to support survivors, at least stay out of our way when you see us at work. Own the circumstances that inform your choice to not confront abuse as a bystander. And before you wipe your hands clean of the matter, at least do the bare minimum research needed to know that you’re not defending an abuser." -The Violences We Tolerate and The Conflicts We Avoid

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