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A practical guide I wrote to help people get out of using the usual suspects of the toxic big text ecosystem
It does not cover everything, so lemme know if there's anything I missed.
Ps. I know I missed XMPP. Whoops

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Crowdfunding: My friend Sunyata, a Black disabled queer femme from NYC, is stuck living in a mold-infested apartment while trying to attend Bard Microcollege during a pandemic.

They have an opportunity to get a new apartment, with an initial payment of $875.

Please help them get an apartment that isn’t actively dangerous to their health!


Cashapp: $vsunnymoon
Venmo: @liberationforall

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"...macOS sends hashes of every opened executable to some server of theirs and when `trustd` and `syspolicyd` are unable to do so, the entire operating system grinds to a halt."
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My younger brother just gave me a 5th Gen Kindle Fire that he just replaced. I've been looking all over the internet for resources that could help me install Linux on it but the internet is failing me tonight.

Does anybody here have experience or links I can click that relate to installing Linux on the device? If so, please fire a reply my way.


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i personally know i won't forget that the cops were decked out like they're fighting world war 3 while the nurses had to wear trash bags

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help a trans woman move so she can be with her boyfriend and people that care about her, boosts very appreciated 

my friend jak has had her living situation very abruptly upheaved, she had to make an 11 hour drive back to her home state last night

while she has someone to stay with for now it's not ideal bc she's worried about bumping into her family while there

she's started a gofundme to help her save up so she can move to tennessee to be closer to me and my brother, so at least if anything happens again she may be able to stay with us where we can make sure she's safe and taken care of

if you've read this far thank you so much for caring, even if you're unable to donate boosting this post would mean the world to me bc having her closer to us would take so much stress and worry off of our shoulders

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“I’ll never forget my programming teacher who was like a senior dev at IBM and decided he was done writing missile guidance software.
When he was telling us this he said "I just woke up one morning and it struck me that i was a murderer. So I quit."”

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gofundme - local black activist doxxed, needs $$$ 

Keren's Family and Home Support Fund

Some racist Shithead targeted this badass local black activist for being anti-racist on Facebook I guess?? She needs funds to move ASAP! This is a racist ass town 😠 😠 😠

drug addiction, prison system, moral dilemmas 

It depresses me that once you put things like the drug addiction, medical help rather than criminal incarnation, into an economic point of view rather than a moral point of view more people are open to it.

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Due to the discourse about where to hold ongoing development chat for #youtubeDL, there is now a public Matrix room for same.

Share and enjoy.

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I just deleted the remaining bits of C code in the #FreeNukum project, it's fully functional in #Rust now. Still some things left to do, but you can expect a release within the next few weeks.

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Just in case anyone thought that the youtube-dl thing and the Twitch thing was just the RIAA targeting two large platforms, it's apparently time for the RIAA lawyers to show that they're not sitting on their hands:


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Two incredible scientists and their universe expanding work! ❤️💪#WomenInSTEM

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Since @lrhodes just recently suggested that there should be a feature to hide inaccessible posts, and @gemlog reminded me today that folks might not even realize their names and toots might be hard for some people to read unless they are told, I guess it is my duty now to write another round of educational posts.
Hmm, this isn't really my area of expertise ... maybe I should just go find some old one and reboost?
Nah, let's do this.
In this thread, I'll list a couple suggestions for #Accessibility adjustments you can do to help out people who are #Blind, #VisuallyImpaired, or those who for other reasons use a #ScreenReader. Boosts appreciated!

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Programming in 2020:

Can't wait to boot up my APPLE to open up my MICROSOFT text editor and GOOGLE for solutions to FACEBOOK's technical debt in my MICROSOFT repository so I can deploy to AMAZON and I'll pay GOOGLE and FACEBOOK for the privilege of getting site traffic to show my visitors ads.

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surgery, trans, open to advice 

So my insurance approved top surgery, I called and texted the surgeon to try to set up an appointment, and they're going to get back to me.

Anybody else who's had top surgery have any advice? This isn't my only resource for information and there are people who are helping me, but it would be good to hear from others.

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It's not much but our library faculty group asked the Dean to suspend all internal meetings from November 2-4 for breathing space around the Election and it's now official. Just in case anyone needs data on what other academic libraries are doing.

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Fight Club but its people practicing speaking up for themselves/having confrontations with each other so they can better assert themselves and their boundaries in the outside world.

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📢 Ten Forward Moderation Announcement 📢

The following instance(s) have been suspended from Ten Forward: (and all sub-domains)

Reason - allows indiscriminate creation of disposable 10 minute Pleroma instances

For fuck's sake.

Mon 26 Oct 2020 10:18:34 PM UTC


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