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Well-behaved women rarely make history, your honor

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So I found out @hiveonofficial@twitter.com is apparently stealing from open source developers. Rationale and evidence posted to Reddit here: reddit.com/r/EtherMining/comme

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I got blocked from an emergency hotline because I didn't wanna pay money for fixing a power failure on a weekend.

THEIR power failure.

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We have a server.

So, apparently, sudden loss of power is not mission critical. Its a disruption.

If I call during a sunday because there is a power failure, we have to pay money for them to turn it back on.

"Use our email for disruptions." They only reply during the week.

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PSA: The medication we use in ICU to keep blood pressure sufficient enough to keep essential organs functioning sometimes mean your penis gets necrotic and falls off.

Save your dick, get the vaccine!

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El bien individual no está por encima del bien común.

No aquí al menos.

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stay safe out there, all.

protect one another, because they system surely won't look after you.

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Well, at least now that vigilante justice has good precedent with , we can count on other groups to finish the job that the justice system wasn't willing to.

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Nazis are already leaping up to canonize Kyle in the way murderous incels have done with Elliot.

Whether you think the verdict was right or wrong you should all be able to see the dangerous implications.

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How in the hell can claim self defense when he brought a RIFLE to a protest? I can even understand bringing a pistol - it's reasonable to say one might carry it most everywhere for self-defense.

But if you bring a rifle, you're expecting some shit to pop off.

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@avalos cis people don't have such powerful feelings towards these kinds of thoughts. It's a struggle for sure, but at some point, repression is worse.

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The three types of StackOverflow answers:

Q: How to add 2 numbers in C++?

A1: How Operators in C++ Work
(writes an entire book that everyone scrolls past to see A2)

A2: <boost>
int z = boost::add(x, y)

A3: for (; x != 0; ++y){--x;}

Neither A2 or A3 explain the code

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