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Quiet, perfectly legal psyops towards government officials (1/3) :boost_ok: 

Handwritten letters. Not joking.

It takes hundreds of emails and phone calls to make a member of the government even pretend to give a fuck about what one wants. But as few as two physical, handwritten letters can hit the action threshold.

Let’s unpack the why of that, shall we?

0) More than one sender. If only one person is known to have any particular opinion, it’s automatically dismissed. (If you’re encouraging them to continue a stance which they’ve already taken, you’re already the N+1th person.)

1) Rarity value. They simply don’t get many, so hardcopy stands out.

2) Time investment. Sad to say, but ‘took the time to sit down and write this’ carries more weight than ‘took the time to compose a message that’s clear and to the point’. (It’s best to do both, of course.)

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went on a spontaneous little research spree to find out if a random nerdy idea I had for a scene in the webcomic would work and lo and behold, past me casually set the chapter in an area where the environment does indeed make my random nerdy idea potentially possible, neat

(and with that I gotta sign off for a bit bc my blood pressure is shaking hands with the ISS and I still got a short story to finish)

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srsly y'all, and I'm taking the CW off here bc this is important

we've all been worn down for way too long by too much garbage from a global society that despises its people, and many of us no longer have the energy to do much abt it. and that's alright, take care of yourselves as best as you can.

we still got hope. maybe not for ourselves, but there's people who'll have to live in whatever world we leave them, so let's give them a little hope so they can carry on the fight

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capitalism, ableist language 

@spacetrash if perseverance in the face of intense personal and social anxiety isn't punk rock then idk what is

"I really need to get off the birdsite", he said, reopening tweetdeck

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I'm still half trapped in this shitty worldview where if you're not "contributing" to... um, something? (who knows, not me, this bullshit is beyond me) by uh, earning a certain amt of money regularly and preferably in some trad way, then you don't qualify as a person, and I know way too many ppl in the same place, so I say unto thee, fuck that noise

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having gin & tonic for lunch bc it's that kind of day 😑

at least this month's short story is making progress and it's even got a drawing to go with it, I finished my commission yesterday, got some sleep and did some chores, so no one can say I'm not trying

*watching Time Team*

Tony: "we came here bc we got this magnificent round building, now we discover it's possibly not round, possibly not straight, could be wiggly, but at least it's going on"

me: "...that sounds a lot like my gender, tbh"

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Indulge your creativity by drawing, painting, sculpting, etc, even if you don’t think you’re good at it.

I'm having a garbage sort of day, so here's a drawing of the street samurai from a comic I'm working on

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also we need to start embracing wacky and queer anti-surveillance looks. I'm talking weird long bangs and fake eyes and studs and shit.

fun perk: these looks absolutely slap.


recently over on the birdsite, sb ranted a whole damn memoir at me bc I had the audacity to question the inherent goodness of their local law enforcement (ftr I stopped reading halfway thru, I like to keep what's left of my sanity)

look. they may not be half as bad as in the US (and I never said they were), but if you live in a white-ass country, we know how this goes

... Idek if should be irritated or amused, but I do love hitting unfollow and mute sometimes *sigh*

uspol, gerpol 

back in August, some nazis and conspiracy types made a feeble attempt at storming the Reichstag building here in Berlin during one of their "protests"...

... and now there's a coup attempt in the US, and I'm not even surprised anymore, and I wouldn't be surprised if this would get a lot worse before it gets better

stay safe everyone, and let's hope no one's getting funny ideas (yeah I know, but hope dies last, etc)

I'll be embarking on a three-year self-imposed learning thing to cure my woeful cluelessness

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next year is gonna be... *checks todo list* ...hella busy


see, it's usually my adoptive mother trying to murder me or get me killed in some way in my dreams (c-ptsd is a trip, y'all), but she's been quiet lately, so there's hope I can evict her from my brain after all, bc she's a pain and she ain't paying rent


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