brainstorming paper topics in technical writing. may have scared the prof with my basic explanation of graphs

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i definately have the body of someone who spends a lot of time on the computer

adequately distracted today, feeling alright

new pasocom music alb is going hard, very enjoyable.

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1 page remains and then I am allowed to go to bed ;n;


essays suck. esp when you know that the quality of the content matters so little from past experience with the prof. sad!

if anyone needs me I'll be squirming in discomfort in my bed

I'm thinking maybe something with window tagging and automatic + manual tiling support

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yea I think I'm gonna purge kde again and go back to i3. maybe I'll go crazy and try a new window manager

living off a diet of goldfish and fruit snacks for now, I need to go the the store

there's a guy on my floor who just stands outside my room to take phone calls. uhh my doorstep isn't a fuckin phone booth bucko

I'm gonna lay in bed with wet hair and you can't stop me

my roommate is a psycho for thinking jeans are comfortable -- he likes wearing them to bed ???

almost crying (happy) 

one of my friends wrote the sweetest message in the card they got for my birthday. every time I read it I'm just -- aaaaaaa

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