internship no longer incredibly stressful (ends next week and project was in deployment hell)

i think i suck at programming but im good at interpreting error messages

you'd think it would sort them by likeness, or atleast like,, starting with the same substring

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microsoft graph explorer really does just sort suggestions that contain the input as a substring alphabetically

left earbud health on the decline once again

i think i will spend several minutes drafting a reply to someone, only to decide im not cool enough to interact with them, close the post and forget about it

once again acted like a clown for my standup meeting

if i am, i don't even know if this is what i want to do. another victim of the "good with computers" to computer science degree pipeline

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maybe i was right about not being good enough to work in software development.

now that im thinking about it i don't think ive ever broken a flint and steel in mc

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Mental Health 

My mental health has been in shambles recently and I've been struggling to get myself to make art, but I'm finally forcing myself to try and create so that I hopefully feel better!

Here's a wip of a pretty tiefling carnival hand npc for a wild beyond teh witchlight campaign I plan to dm. Name suggestions would be HIGHLY appreciated!

#dnd #procreate #DigitalArt

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Question for mutuals, what service do you guys use to do commissions? I'm thinking of finally starting to take some commissions myself and I'm struggling to figure out the best way to go about managing like the money part of it? Any suggestions/help would be highly appreciated!

does anyone know a decent, free and portable solution for creating interactive dnd character sheets? something similar to dndbeyond that includes all the source books would be preferred.

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