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for most of my life ive had tinea aversicolor which is a common skin discoloration disease. its completely cosmetic, but i just now decided to start treating it and it's strange to see my body be so uniformly colored

grayfruit reviewing every game he streamed has become my new background noise. is good, i enjoy hearing the fruit's opinions

finally going into the office instead of working from home, i have not been as productive as i would like to be lately

til `rm -r` on a soft link will actually just delete the contents of the linked directory. i am in so much pain

i think it's funny when my laptop gets significantly audibly louder and the battery life goes to shit if i open a windows vm

ty to everyone who didn't message me while my laptop was on 115% volume without me noticing.

just scared myself opening a video so yea

business cards are technically trading cards


it doesn't get easier

drumming is fun, ive been practicing a lot lately

humor = Title Case With Exclamation Point At End!

i get that github wants people to know that it renders the readme file below the code for a repo, but prompting users to make one that they inevitably leave blank isn't the best way to communicate this feature...

a lot of my peers that are newer to git/github always got the blank readme :(

society if mc modpacks didn't require curseforge for the average user to install

i said this as a joke because the vocals are goofy but the instrumental is actually p good

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i must silence this confounding gadget

yea so the best aphex twin song is funny little man, right?

idk how starbucks got my sandwich so fucking hot without burning it

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