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resisting the urge to make an i/o bound program multi-threaded even though it's something i run once a year (and this will probably be the last time i run it)

i decided to do esports this year and the head coach just called me sir in a dm, not a fan of that one

i like that we've started reverting to a previous naming scheme when a character doesn't have a last name.

like Leonardo da Vinci (of Vinci) -> sans [from] undertale

i have successfully moved into school and i am actually quite content


in the zone where I'm near a drastic change in lifestyle (moving into school again) so my brain believes the is world ending

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eye contact 

Had our first session for the campaign I'm playing this gal in and needless to say, i am in LOVE. She's so fun to play and so tricky.
#dnd #dnd5e #oc #art #DigitalArt #MastoArt

internship no longer incredibly stressful (ends next week and project was in deployment hell)

i think i suck at programming but im good at interpreting error messages

you'd think it would sort them by likeness, or atleast like,, starting with the same substring

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microsoft graph explorer really does just sort suggestions that contain the input as a substring alphabetically

left earbud health on the decline once again

i think i will spend several minutes drafting a reply to someone, only to decide im not cool enough to interact with them, close the post and forget about it

once again acted like a clown for my standup meeting

if i am, i don't even know if this is what i want to do. another victim of the "good with computers" to computer science degree pipeline

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