i can't smell anything

my tea tastes like slightly bitter liquid and not like actual tea

fuck COVID

i hope it's just that my nose is stuffy

underrated sucky thing about nasal congestion is how it keeps you from normalizing the pressure in your ears

Playing around with spacemacs a bit. Org mode seems really cool! It's basically a way of doing personal organization (notes, schedule, calendars, time tracking, etc.) with text files and a simple markup language. With it, Syncthing, and Orgzly on Android, I can make my CalDAV server obsolete.

Italian Mobster: "You better talk or you'll sleep with the sharks"
Trans Girl: "Fuck yeah I can spend the night at IKEA?"

t-slur but funny 

I just had the most exhaustive TSA patdown of my life but the best part is that the screen on the bomb detector machine behind the agent just said “DO NOT RELEASE TRAP” the whole time

stop doing crimes, they're illegal you know

"After we reminded GitHub of (a) the pending questions that we'd waited a year for them to answer and (b) of their refusal to join public discussion on the topic, they responded a week later, saying they would not join any public nor private discussion on this matter because “a broader conversation about the ethics of AI-assisted software seemed unlikely to alter your stance”".

To me, this is the biggest reason why #Github must die in a huge ball of fire and leave no traces behind.

They make big profits with FLOSS software, included the code that I've developed and hosted on their platform over the past >10 years.

They don't share any of those profits back with me and other FLOSS developers.

They claim to be on the developers' side, but they offer no chances of appeal nor legal support to developers when a DMCA takedown requests comes in and developers lose months or years of work, often without explanation.

They claim to be the largest FLOSS platform on the planet, but their own source code is not open, and they already refused multiple times to open it up.

They trained their co-pilot with my code and tons of other FLOSS code, when they could have simply used their own codebase, or that of Office/Windows, if they're really in good faith and into the idea of giving back to the world.

And, when we ask them to sit and talk together because we have legitimate concerns (especially around the amount of open-source licenses that the co-pilot violates, since the underlying code isn't Github's intellectual property and licenses must be respected), they behave like jerks and say "well, our conversation won't change your mind anyway [about the fact that we're filthy jerks], so it doesn't even make sense to have it".

Change my mind ABOUT WHAT? It's my f*cking code, intellectual property and licenses that you're talking about, and I'm entitled to decide how you use it, or at least opt out of your programs if I don't like them, you filthy pieces of shit!

If I had ripped your own source code and gave it away for free, with no references nor credits about the original authors, and you asked me for explanations, would I be able to get away with "my explanations aren't going to change your mind anyway, so I don't even want to talk to you"? Or would you unleash your whole army of lawyers against me? So just because individual FLOSS developers can't rely on an army of lawyers like you do we're expected to be your unpaid slaves, you scum of the earth?

These disgusting parasites are still bent on their parent company's embrace-extend-exterminate strategy, nothing has changed since Ballmer's times. But keep in mind that, unlike with Windows, they are NOT the authors of the content on their platform. WE are the authors. If we all pull our code out of Github and move it to Gitlab, Gitee or other solutions, they'll be left with nothing. Let's make sure that this is indeed the case and Github joins the cemetery of evil projects with no added value.


hot take: people don't stop having rights when they go to prison. we aren't sending them to hell to suffer for their sins wtf

also maybe if prison laborers were paid a fair wage, it'd reduce recidivism because they'd be able to get some money saved up to help get back on their feet after they're discharged.

it baffles me how many caring, reasonable people will defend human rights abuses when they're against prisoners

trans people and enbies are hotter all around.
I'm sorry, that's just how it works. I don't make the rules

The fact that is considered legal for a corporation to compile perfect records of your private life simply because you had to "click OK to continue" to make your phone work is a perfect expression of who holds the power in society and why they should be cast into the sea.

I am genuinely so irritated by the semantic slippage of "pronouns" into "any language that is trans of gender."

somebody calls me "sir" and apologizes for getting my "pronouns" wrong.

somebody notes that many Latin sentences don't include "pronouns" in a question about gender-neutrality in Latin, a language which does gender both things and people.

somebody says "I don't use pronouns and I don't know anybody who does use any," a sentence which contains five pronouns.

language change, including expansions in the meaning of words, is in general morally, 'factually,' and 'rationally' neutral; linguists, and I was for awhile training to be a linguist, describe rather than prescribe; whatever.

I think THIS semantic slippage is stupid as hell. trans people said "preferred pronouns," a fixed phrase with a specific meaning, and cis people who had previously known that "I" is a pronoun were like "pronouns are when it's gender and words, got it"

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