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I am Samhain! I'm and and and I do using
I dabble in and enjoy a variety of genres, mostly varieties of , , &
I play and among other games
I play and my buddy's homebrew system
I have a pet and I love
Politics-wise I'm somewhere between and
my carrd:
Nice to meet you! Have a wonderful day! :3

Why does it seem like the majority of trans people don’t have bedframes

Hoo boy the touch-starved cuddle withdrawals are ✨active✨but the respiratory system is ✨infected✨ 🥺😔

Selfie, eye contact 

I may be stupid but I’m also hot


we all die alone & afraid and really its on me for thinking even for a second that anyone was capable of loving me, that I was capable of being anything other than a servant, pet, or fucktoy

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i can hear all the electricity in the entire house rn

Playing on my main was giving me so much dysphoria I was actually avoiding them,
so now they are bun boy named Verdant :ablobcatrave:

I have to go to work but I’m so excited to see exactly what direction this went in, I felt like the trailer and other sources of info were rather vague

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6.2 patch 6.2 patch
Island Sanctuaries are HERE!!

I finally got paid, but I’m not allowed to have cats anymore for reasons beyond my comprehension so,
Sheep Cult Game

my brain: mAyBe I cAn MaKe EnOgH mOnEy To AfFoRd BeInG dIsAbLeD

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Work issues 

I’m 2 days late on being paid & don’t know if I’m supposed to come in today sure do love retail

My old FFXIV main has all my cool stuff but my ex wouldn’t let me fantasia into a catboy and now it gives me dysphoria to play them :sadness:

im only just watching the splatoon 3 direct and thank god octolings are back

I’m gonna pick up cat things today in the hopes of manifesting filling the cat-shaped hole in my life :blobcatsurprised:

A bunch of my coworkers use instagram and so I picked my instagram back up and gosh I have no photos of me that I took that include below my collar bone and how did I tell myself for so long that “I don’t care about my boobs , this is fine”

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