Oh crap, forgot to add alt text! Sorry, still figuring everything out. The first photo is a small dog basking in the sun on a fluffy bed. The background is of plants on a window sill and a view with mountains in the distance. The second photo is a close up of a small dog’s face. The third is a small dog’s head poking out from the collar of a person’s jacket. The last is a person carrying a camping backpack with a small dog riding in the top.

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Pleased to introduce you all to Molly Coddle, aka the Sweetest Cod Swallop,aka the Bestest Tiniest Swalloper, aka Mollison Swallopson Codfish the Third. She’s 14, adopted from my local shelter about 3 years ago. She doesn’t have any vision, but she still goes on all sorts of adventures!

Hi all, brand new here (migrated from the bird app). I’m a queer wildlife biologist, based in Alaska. I am broadly interested in conservation biology, animal behavior, and specifically interested in canine scent detection work. I have a passion for rescuing elderly and special-needs critters. I recharge best hiking, kayaking, or flat skiing, or by working on creative projects that keep my hands busy (knitting, gardening, residential wiring, etc).


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