Happy Towel Day! I raise my coffee mug to that really hoopy frood, Douglas Adams. #towelday

"We are stuck with technology when all we really want is just stuff that works. How do you recognize something that is still technology? A good clue is if it comes with a manual." DOUGLAS ADAMS

Yes, there should be fairness. Railworkers SHOULD have gold plated pension schemes, thus giving other workers leverage to insist that their pensions are brought up.

It should be about levelling up everyone to a fair pension, fair pay, fair conditions.

Unions are fundamentally about progress - about making sure that there is a continual rise in living standards. The government sees that as a problem because they are against progress in the quality of life.

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What’s more, she claims RMT should stop fighting for a good pension agreement because they should accept the far worse pension agreements that exist elsewhere in the economy.
Fundamentally, the whole point of the union movement is to make sure we do fight for better conditions!

The only reason the UK had any work protections, decent pay deals, etc, is because unions fought for it.

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National rail strike: government spokesman complains that strike will be disruptive (demonstrating a fundamental failure to understand the point of a strike).


Part of the reason I already DO have one is that, after teaching online for 6 months during Covid, having to kneel up on a chair that was too small, rammed in the corner of my living room, I decided enough was enough and fixed it.

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New job update: I’ve not even got my contract, and they are making sure I’ve got a healthy set up at home for working. Offering to send me chairs, desks, etc, as I need (don’t need any of it).

I’ve not had a work set up in my actual work building that would pass a DSE assessment in over 10 years, and these guys are ready to set me up for one at home before I’ve even started!

grim 1980s homophobia, section 28, Tories, Labour being no better 

Leeds City Council's Labour leader responded to Tory attacks for giving grants to gay and lesbian groups, not by defending LGBTQ+ people or organisations, but by replying "indignantly" that "only one such grant had been made, to an AIDS hotline". He had personally vetoed a number of other grants. Labour was absolutely useless over Section 28, just as they are over transphobia today. Mustn't put off those "moderate" voters!

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commenting on transphobic comics, swears 

I had missed Nish Kumar mercilessly tearing down Ricky Gervais (and TERF Island-style transphobes in general), but no one else should twitter.com/cowboyacaster/stat


I'm Bruce (he/him).

I enjoy talking to people about what they do and figure out how to model it in a way that helps them to make decisions. It feels a bit like a cross between writing speculative fiction, social history, programming, and statistics. I'm CEO of a company called Mastodon C (no relation to the fediverse). We do this mostly for Local Authority clients but have done it for all sorts of orgs.

When I'm not doing that I enjoy cycling (on my fat bike or Brompton), reading (mostly science fiction or history or science), gardening, board and card games, and other things when the world isn't quite so risky. I watch a lot of "telly" and "films". I try to take photos of whatever is to hand, but mostly share things that are already beautiful rather than find beauty in good composition or skill.

I'm a lefty green anarchist politically, but really bad at it. I support the SNP and Greens in Scotland and would like an independent Scotland with more power devolved to local authorities.

“Cats eyes removed.

Now they hunt purely by the smell of your fear.

They have lost their eyes. They have lost their purr. They have no lost their thirst.

Or their hunger.”

Forgive me for being paranoid, and it’s not as if the school have been arses about it, but really feels like someone or something is out to make my life difficult.

Or maybe it’s just the universe telling me I can only get this job if I stop hiding and am willing to advocate for myself.

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Generally, I’m not expected to cover lessons. Situation slightly different currenrly because many students are on study leave so we are all down on our hours.
That’s all fine. Except for the fact that in the entire time I have worked here, I have been given precisely TWO cover lessons and I’ve had to refuse both as they coincided with literally the only meetings I’ve had.
1st was at the same time as the interview for my new job.
2nd, today, during the introductory meeting for my new job.

UKPol, cunts the lot of 'em 

Grant Shapps claims 'not partying' Boris Johnson was mourning his mum - a year before she died
Cabinet Partygate ally Grant Shapps said Boris Johnson was "clearly not partying" when he raised a glass of fizz and pointed out "he lost his mum, despite the fact she died 10 months later

oh lordy the incompetence continues. They can't even lie effectively


Eyes - cat drawing, looking right at ya 

This cat is seriously not impressed. Dinner time started over one and a half minutes ago and you're still sitting there.

Had to put a content warning on this one. Even I'm unnerved by the Glare of Feline Judgement™️

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Cat #nature #art

A trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder has dropped and I can’t wait until it opens. The Thor movies are my favourites of the Marvel movies as they come with just that little bit of extra humour. 🎥 🍿 youtu.be/Go8nTmfrQd8

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