commenting on transphobic comics, swears 

I had missed Nish Kumar mercilessly tearing down Ricky Gervais (and TERF Island-style transphobes in general), but no one else should


I'm Bruce (he/him).

I enjoy talking to people about what they do and figure out how to model it in a way that helps them to make decisions. It feels a bit like a cross between writing speculative fiction, social history, programming, and statistics. I'm CEO of a company called Mastodon C (no relation to the fediverse). We do this mostly for Local Authority clients but have done it for all sorts of orgs.

When I'm not doing that I enjoy cycling (on my fat bike or Brompton), reading (mostly science fiction or history or science), gardening, board and card games, and other things when the world isn't quite so risky. I watch a lot of "telly" and "films". I try to take photos of whatever is to hand, but mostly share things that are already beautiful rather than find beauty in good composition or skill.

I'm a lefty green anarchist politically, but really bad at it. I support the SNP and Greens in Scotland and would like an independent Scotland with more power devolved to local authorities.

“Cats eyes removed.

Now they hunt purely by the smell of your fear.

They have lost their eyes. They have lost their purr. They have no lost their thirst.

Or their hunger.”

Forgive me for being paranoid, and it’s not as if the school have been arses about it, but really feels like someone or something is out to make my life difficult.

Or maybe it’s just the universe telling me I can only get this job if I stop hiding and am willing to advocate for myself.

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Generally, I’m not expected to cover lessons. Situation slightly different currenrly because many students are on study leave so we are all down on our hours.
That’s all fine. Except for the fact that in the entire time I have worked here, I have been given precisely TWO cover lessons and I’ve had to refuse both as they coincided with literally the only meetings I’ve had.
1st was at the same time as the interview for my new job.
2nd, today, during the introductory meeting for my new job.

UKPol, cunts the lot of 'em 

Grant Shapps claims 'not partying' Boris Johnson was mourning his mum - a year before she died
Cabinet Partygate ally Grant Shapps said Boris Johnson was "clearly not partying" when he raised a glass of fizz and pointed out "he lost his mum, despite the fact she died 10 months later

oh lordy the incompetence continues. They can't even lie effectively

Eyes - cat drawing, looking right at ya 

This cat is seriously not impressed. Dinner time started over one and a half minutes ago and you're still sitting there.

Had to put a content warning on this one. Even I'm unnerved by the Glare of Feline Judgement™️

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Cat #nature #art

A trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder has dropped and I can’t wait until it opens. The Thor movies are my favourites of the Marvel movies as they come with just that little bit of extra humour. 🎥 🍿


At this point I think Boris Liar McLiarface should be not only sacked but put in the stocks for a while

They are almost certainly going to block him eventually, but there was a discussion about how this seemed “just a personal thing” and not a concern for the group.

No, no, no!

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In a Facebook group I’m admin for, the other admins wanted to debate whether or not to block someone who had obsessively sought out every picture a girl (who does cosplay) posted of herself, liking it and making overly enthusiastic comments, who then tried to befriend her, asked to meet up with her for a date, and then proceeded to block her and make extremely rude comments about her every post when she said she didn’t want to meet him.

There’s nothing to debate here, guys: that is harassment!

remember kids:

never put any real information online, you never know when you might change your gender

Just finished Only Murder’s in the Building.

That was so much fun. Really liked that - lovely and offbeat. And so very sweet.

In these closing days of spring, it might be worth our while to gaze at this delightful William Henry Margetson painting of a pretty girl in a dress drinking some tea.

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl #spring

Also, this was a lovely example of why exactly it’s important to review things before exclaiming about them (after I had to delete and revise my toots twice here having not paid enough attention to what I was talking about or what I was responding to. Oops! 🤨)

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Okay, it might be true. The YouGov figures are kind of in line. But only for “extreme” crimes (murders of children). Only 35%, for example, support it for standard murder according to these stats. But that does suggest that about 50% of the UK would like it to be an option, which is horrific!

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