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Also this mastodon account will totally be a semi-18+ furry and thot shitposting account too, just so you know.

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My butt 

A friend drew this for me and omg its so perfect 😭

Spending my life building a vtuber puppet

Gotta stop buying more books faster than I can read them.

It's currently illegal for me to leave my house!

This sucks.


Was fully expecting credits to start rolling as Air Force One took off to "My Way."

If that isn't a season finale for a political farce I do not know what is.

A non-furry friend made the mistake of wondering what his fursona should be.

2 hours later he's now a platypus.

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So I got some of that Bad Dragon cum lube and it mostly looks and feels like the real thing, but my god is it so sticky and stringy. I can't even get any out the bottle without it attaching itself to everything and getting *everywhere.*

Growing up                         Avatar
gay in the UK                the last airbender
            "if you want to be a bender
             you have to let go of fear"

New icon!~ Super cute chibi art of my dumb ott by 🥰 iloveitsomuch

I saw Star Trek Enterprise described as "Star Trek for republicans" somewhere and I can't stop thinking about it.

Getting my priorities straight: coding foldable support into a website that has nothing on it.

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