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All I want to be is a little happy otter playing on his little happy computer is that too much to ask?????

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welcome to the fediverse I hope you make sure to remember to make at least 10 pieces of content ("toots") a day so that you can further grow your personal brand
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What is Mastodon?

I recommend all new users give this 2 minute video a watch!

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@thms told me to post pp so I guess I gotta now

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Saying it again for new users: The official Mastodon apps kinda suck. They don't have the local/federated timelines that you'll see on itself so it might be harder to discover users and posts at first.

There's a bunch of third party apps which I recommend you try and see what feels best for you!

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A few benefits of Mastodon (and this instance in particular):

- No ads
- No selling your data
- Nazi instances, etc. are cut off entirely. You won't see them and they won't see you.
- 500 character limit
- Profile metadata (for pronouns, etc)
- Per post privacy settings
- Content warnings
- Instant and true account deletion
- LGBTQ+ friendly
- No Nazis/racists/transphobes/etc.
- Fucking cool admin (maybe)
- Emojis :blobcat:

The fact he didn't even know that losing the ability to ejaculate is part of suffering from testicular cancer is so fucking mind blowing.

I managed to get RA2 Yuri's Revenge working on Linux so my mission is complete

I guess I'm officially a linux user now

Emailing artists I love always brings me the anxiety

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Look I only have one very specific want from life and that is to get Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge working on proton.

Spent a morning in the terminal, time for a well-deserved afternoon nap

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