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1/ I just published a massive article called "Recovering Our Lost Free Will Online: Tools and Techniques That Are Available Now"

I will summarize some key points in this thread, but please do check out the article.

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One of the great problems of our culture is that music, art, dancing, and so on are considered professions and not things people do.

Make a sea shanty.

Sing along with the radio.

Dance in the kitchen.

Draw on the wall.

Color outside the lines.

Make your own lines.

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epr: terminal / CLI epub reader

Remembers last read file (just run epr without any argument)
Remembers last reading state for each file (per file saved state written to $HOME/.config/epr/config or $HOME/.epr respectively depending on availability)
Adjustable text area width
Adaptive to terminal resize
Supports EPUB3 (no audio support)
Secondary vim-like bindings
Supports opening images
Dark/Light colorscheme (depends on terminal color capability)

HN discussion:

#commandline #epub #terminal #linux

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Anyone know of any good OS decluttering apps for Android that I can install from F-Droid? Something that will remove leftover cruft from OS updates, old apps, etc, defray storage on older Android versions, and ideally disable and uninstall known malware.

#Android #Fdroid

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